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DT TruSoft players... Share your feedback!

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

If you've been playing the new DT TruSoft this season, we want to hear from you!

Add your stories and feedback to this thread, and feel free to send along any questions you have for the team.

We can't wait to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Chris92009

    I looks like this is the ball that replaced the old DT model. While I have not played it extensively during my rounds, my son had a few that I tried one on a hole just to see how it compared to my memory of the old DT. I was really surprised with how it felt and performed! It was not as soft as the NXT Tour Soft but close...went a long way also!
  2. TSchwartz

    I have played the new DT Trusoft my last couple rounds and I was pleasantly surprised. The ball is definitely softer than previous model and distance is better also. I normally use NXT Tour but this ball seemed to perform just as good for me. Another excellent Titleist product!!!!!
  3. Kristy W

    I have played the DT tru soft and keep some in my bag. They have a great feel off the tee and around the greens. Great ball.
  4. Dave N

    I was lucky to get a teaser sleeve in Oct. last year, I love these balls and switched to them. I posted this earlier this year, it was with a Trusoft.

    Not sure how but it happened.
    BY DAVE N ON FEBRUARY 19, 2016

    I hope this is the first recorded Trusoft hole in 1. It happened on #17 today. Still on cloud nine.
  5. Don R

    The Tru Soft is the first golf ball I could feel compress when I hit it solidly, it truly felt like it exploded of the club face. I felt like I was regaining distance.
  6. James C

    I am planning on trying this ball this weekend, is it geared towards a specific group of players or swing speeds?
  7. Jim D

    Great ball. I'm a senior player and the ball is very long off the tee. Cover holds up well and holds the greens pretty well. Not a Pro V1 but overall an excellent ball especially at that $22 dozen price point.
  8. James C

    my driver swing speed tops out around 105 and obviously changes with each club but I am wondering if this will be worth my while to use it for more than a few holes.
  9. C.Gee_1

    I love the new DT TruSoft. I love the distance and low spin off the tee. Although, my favorite feature is the great short game spin and control. Overall, this is the best ball you can find for a great price!

  10. jarrell r

    I love them I switched from the NXT Tour to the TruSoft. They are my new go to ball. I like the way they fly straight off the tee. Around the green the work magic and I have yet to be let down by these balls.
  11. robbob

    Another great Titleist product. Have played 3 rounds with the Tru-Soft. The ball flies true and the distance is consistent. Have gained some lost yardage, love the soft feel off the irons and the ball's response on the green. A ball of this quality at this price point. Titleist has a winner.
  12. Tom C

    I have used Prov1 x, 330rx and hexcontrol as well as dt solo. The new Titleist tru soft for price and playability is my new permanent golf ball after 10 rounds it gives good distance for my senior swing speed and feels great around the greens

  13. Mary M

    Gained 20 yards in distance off the tee and holds the green way better than my old Treosoft. Price is comparable so it was a no brainier to switch!
  14. George M

    Haven't been out on the course yet, but not too optimistic. The ball feels too soft and the sound is too muted when putting or chipping, or with a 20-30 yard pitch shot. The muted sound and soft feel make me think I haven't hit the shot hard enough. I'll post my thoughts after I play a few holes with this ball, but at this writing my preference is still the NXT Tour S with the new NXT Tour a close second.
  15. Jerry Wood

    Switched to TruSoft last year and found them very good for me as a senior player.
    Seems nice and soft, great durability and seems to give me an extra 5 to 7 yards carry.
    Also like the price break.
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