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Switching from swoosh


I am making a complete switch to Titleist hard goods. I am starting with the balls. Which ball is going to give me less spin off the driver, NXT or Pro V1

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  1. Dennis B

    The #1 ball used on the PGA is the ProV1x.

    The ball with the lowest driver spin and high green side spin ratio would be the new DT Trusoft.

    All Titleist ball have great distance off the tee.
    Hope this helps
  2. Merk

    NXT for sure. They will still spin though. PROv1x has less spin with a pro model Urethane. You can feel the difference with your nails.
  3. MRau

    What ball are you switching from? If driver spin is a main concern the prov1x is the best overall ball for that.
  4. Barry B

    the NXT Tour probably spins less than the Pro V1, but more than the Pro V1x.
  5. MrPizzle

    Welcome from a former swoosh diehard. One of the many cool things with Titleist is the events. Click on the Team Titleist link above and look for the Ball Fitting Events. They add dates so keep checking back.
    I can't say for sure which spins less all I know is the PV1 is like my previous favorite ball (one black) on steroids! The NXT TOUR S is like long off the tee with less into the green spin. If you want to throw darts into the green, the Trusoft is a great choice but not as long off the tee.
    I'm sure you'll have a ton of responses shortly from some great people, welcome aboard!
  6. SImpens

    It all depends on how much action you want to put into your approach shots. The NXT has low spin off the driver. The Pro V1 has a urethane cover so it's softer and has better feel around the greens. Honestly, both are great choices, it depends on how much you want to spend at your pro shop. The NXT is a more "durable" ball and will give you a lot of the benefits of the Pro V1.
  7. Don O

    NXT Tour and Pro-V1x have similar profiles off of driver, and NXT-Tour-S is more similar to Pro-V1. Likely you'll see more of a difference with the spin around the green.
  8. RJohnson

    The NXT will spin less off the driver. I have recently started the switch from swoosh, just the irons left now. Much happier to be back to Titleist.
  9. 1dayPGA

    Are you talking spin around the greens or off the driver? Either way best to go out and test a few different balls (Titleist of course) out. Everybody's swing is different so what may spin for you may not spin for someone else.
  10. Bob T

    They are both excellent balls, I use them both. I use the Prov1 for its great feel off the driver and the NXT Tour for cutting down on the spin, which keeps it strait, far and more roll. Got my first hole in one with the NXT Tour. I still mainly use the Prov1 because of more spin but when I feel I'm getting to much movement with the ball I use the Nxt Tour.
  11. CMyers

    Thanks everyone. Went to a Titleist fitting and they put me in a Pro V, which I would have never guessed in my wildest dreams. I have picked up distance for sure. The control on approach shots is just sick! I'm so excited to play with my Titleist equipment. I am close to breaking 80 for the first time

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