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Prototype testing: Share your feedback here

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

Hi Team Titleist,

If you have taken part in one of our recent test panels, we'd love to hear your feedback and input. Feel free to share your thoughts on the test golf balls you received by posting a reply below.

And if you're wondering how you can join a test panel, click here to sign up for chance to potentially take part in an upcoming opportunity.


- Mike

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  1. pulplvr

    I have finally lost or exhausted all of the test balls I received at Pinehurst. Truthfully, it was hard to discern much difference between the black (Pro V1) and the red (Pro V1X) test balls, but that was because my golf has been rotten lately. Both balls were quite durable - a good feature for those of us who will play a ball until you can't read the labeling any longer or you've lost it. Both worked quite well on the scoring shots, especially 100 yards and in. Off the tee, there was perhaps less of difference between the two for me. Both flew mid to high and carried as I expected a well hit ball to do (when I hit them well). My misses seemed to be less off line and more consistent. Iron carry and roll was good, with the balls holding pretty well for me, especially since I don't spin either one very much. Definitely improved over current models. Thanks again for the opportunity to give them a whirl.
  2. Don O

    I had the test balls at Pinehurst. I've been using the -V1x for a couple of releases to take advantage of the higher launch. The -V1 test ball was easily the equal of the 2 generations of -1x I was using for distance, and with a softer feel was more controllable in the short game. My perception is I was more in control and less like I was grinding. I had a chance to compare the test Pro-V1 with the 2015 -1x that we used for fitting a 917 D2. Still great results. I've never had a strong opinion of a difference between Pro-Vs. Hoping for a 4 for 3 sale in March, I'll be stocking the 2017 Pro-V1.
  3. David T

    Hi Mike,

    Got mine last night! Just wanted to say I love the plain packaging and the little enclosed note. Has this cool, "shhhhh- its secret" feel to it!
    I think its great that you think so much of your customers that you go through this much time and expense to get our feedback!
    I darn near wore the cover off the last versions and I fully intend to do the same with these. Thanks for the opportunity!
  4. Spezza

    I tested the Pro V ball, this past weekend for 2 rounds. (only lost 1).....small victory! moving on.
    I found the balls the have a great feel. Improved over the last model. with the driver and fwy/hyb they felt a touch firmer and felt quite powerful off the tee and fairway par 5 second shots. I felt I gained avg 6-8 yards off tee shots for both days. The long irons had a higher flight then the older ball. I would typically hit my 4-5 irons with a mid trajectory. I found this a bit higher for me which played perfect again for "me". mid to short irons I felt the ball stayed at the same trajectory as the old ball which was good so it didn't balloon.
    For short game I found it had a very noticeably difference in spin and that i could carry the ball further by a few feet and have it check better. Putting felt soft yet responsive.
    Overall, I felt that the new ball is greatly improved over the last model.

    thanks again Titleist
  5. JAM

    I received test balls two years ago and had a great experience. It was the first time I paid so much attention to a golf ball. I simply trusted Titleist always had the best ball. I am hoping to receive the new ball to test and provide my feedback.
  6. JAM

    My wish came true! I just received the Titleist prototype balls in the mail, three hours after I submitted the above comment. I will put it in play tomorrow and give you my impressions. Thank you Titleist, you made my day.
  7. LV

    Thanks TT! You guys rock! I just received a sleeve today, I can not wait to go hit them! I already play the Pro V1x and absolutely love them ! Thanks again to Team Titleist for letting me be part of this wonderful experience!
  8. Chris92009

    I absolutely love the NEW ProV1...I am going to switch from the current ProV1x to the new ProV1 since it launches higher, is soft and goes farther!

    Great enhancements!!
  9. Mitchell B

    Just got my pro v1x test balls last night. Went out this morning and shot under par! Definitely love the short game control and consistency off the putter face. They do seem a bit longer off the tee, maybe 5ish yards. With my irons it seems like a stronger, more controlled flight and less of a ballooning one. I am definitely looking forward to stocking up with these when they become available.
  10. Allen

    I received a sleeve of the teat balls last night. The weather in the western suburbs of Chicago should be nice this weekend and I can't wait to put the Red #1 Titleist Prototype Test ball in play.

    Again, thanks for letting me be apart of your test panel. I will provide feedback after my review.

    Post Image

  11. Jeffery M

    Just played mine today. Felt like a ProV1x but a little softer and stickier on the cover. Great off the Driver as it seems I got about 10 yards more and less spin. Same distance off wedges and irons. Felt a little softer on the putter. Since it had a red number figured it might be a test ProV1x but played better for me. Been playing ProV1 lately but would prefer this one instead. Thanks Titleist! Shot 75 today, handicap 6.3, 53 years old playing 6900 yard tips. Best part didn't lose one. Please send me a couple dozen and a bag tag pleeeeasse. As always #1 ball in golf.
  12. JReeter

    Just wanted to let my fellow golfers that live in the Midwest know my swing coach is Mr Rick Sellers, part of the golf channel academy, he has worked with D.A. Points and boy does he know the golf swing, give him a shout and watch your scoring average go down. He's great teaches in Bloomington Illinois.
  13. rymail00

    Got home from the course today to see the two boxes on the table! Psyched! I've been playing the current Pro V1 ball for the last the months, and the current Pro V1X the beginning of the season.

    Prefer the Pro V1, can't wait to hit this and see how the new ones compare!!!!
  14. Drew B

    Just received my sleeve of prototypes today. Will be in play tomorrow, looking forward to seeing my results. More than likely also comparing them to current Pro V's using flightscope to see what results I can achieve.
  15. Drew B

    I received my sleeve of prototype Pro V's today in the mail. Looking forward to trying them out. I'm also gonna compare them to my current Pro V1's using flightscope to check the numbers between the two.
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