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Slower swing speed and prov1 or other titleist balls

Michael P

can a person with swing a speed under 80 mph benefit from playing the prov1 or other Titleist brand balls

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  1. Ryan

    Around the green I believe so.
  2. Gary D

    More than half of all your stokes will be from within 100 yards. Yes you will benefit from a quality golf ball.
  3. Barry B

    Every Titleist ball can benefit a wide variety of players, but I would suggest that you might want to try the DT TruSoft. It's a very good all-around ball and the price point is very reasonable.
  4. Dino J

    Michael P

    can a person with swing a speed under 80 mph benefit from playing the prov1 or other Titleist brand balls

    Hi Michael, ... yes ... I'm sure that any golfer can benefit from playing a Titleist golf ball, whether it be the Pro V series or other Titleist golf ball models.

    Some manufacturers use swing speed as their criteria in which to market their balls. The general idea is that you need a certain amount of swing speed in order to compress the ball with the club. But the interesting thing about that rationale is that it only focuses on the swing speed of the driver.

    As you know, your swing speeds vary from club to club so that by the time you get down to your 9-iron, wedges, etc. your swing speed will have tailed off considerably when compared to your driver.

    Titleist has a great little video that demonstrates the effects of a driver on the golf ball and compression. You will see that the differences are negligible if even noticeable at 22,000 fps (frames per second).

    Here is the link:

    The ball speed of 120 mph would be consistent with a swing speed of 80 mph. At that speed you can clearly see compression of the golf ball. And, remember, a golf ball really needs to perform around the greens for you to score well ... that is perhaps the biggest area of concern (at least for me) ... can I spin it enough for it to "drop and stop" on the green, etc. Anyway Michael P. - I hope you find the video information useful! All the best for the holidays to you.
  5. Dwayne N

    I agree and believe that it will help any golfer especially around the green and approach shots. I recommend going to your pro shop and ask for a sample two pack or by just buy a sleeve and give them a test drive
  6. Don O

    Nice job, Dino. All I would add is using the same ball all the time is the best way to get your best score. It is the only equipment that you use on every shot. Whether it is the DT Solo or the Pro-V1x, make it your own and play it every round. Then you'll know how it will perform on every shot. I'm at the 80 mph mark now, and even though I can't pull a ball back like a yo-yo, I do see a difference on and around the greens with a Pro-V1. Titleist does make a variety of balls so we can all find the ball based on performance and price that meets our needs. And best of all, the balls lines get incremental improvements every other year. You won't have to figure what ball this year compares to whatever was last year's ball.
  7. Michael P

    Thanks for all of the responses I will definitely try the TruSoft and see if that works for me . I played Titleist for years up until this year when I started using the Supersoft by cally. I need to get back to Titleist again. Their balls were some of the best I played for a long time.
  8. Dan D

    Titleist dt trusoft is as good if not better than most soft golf balls and at a great price

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