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prototype balls


I just received 2 boxes of prototype balls, 1 box stamped with a black triangle, 1 box stamped with a black square. Both have a very soft cover. Instructions say to test against each other. What balls would these be? There are no other markings, not even a Titleist logo.

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    Here is a picture
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  2. Dylan L

    Are you sure they are Titleist? I assume they were which is why they were posted on the discussion board you being a TT member? Were they shipped from Fairhaven MA, Acushnet?
  3. Chuck Z

    Only Titleist would know the true identity of these balls. They need your opinion and it is very valuable in compiling data about the test ball.

    They were shipped from Acushnet Co. , Norton, MA. I have had the proto PROV'S many times and they were always marked with Titleist logo and red or black #'s. Just curious, not knowing is probably a better test, no preconceived notions.
  5. Edward M

    I also received 2 sleeves but unlike Dylan mine where solid black square and solid black triangle, and both are soft but gave nod up on square do to distance, flight and feel, the black triangle had a blah feel and was easy scuffed twice with my 7 iron ap2. I really wished i can get the name on the square once in production, ( ahem.. Titleist).

    Finally got around to playing these balls. Sorry for the delay, but I much prefer the black triangle over the square. Triangle are the longest balls I ever hit, great response off the irons and lots of spin off wedges. Also lights out with putter. Best all around ball ever. The square felt a little dead, fine off the irons ,not as long, wedges a little mushy ,too soft off putter.

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