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Can you ever have enough balls?

Caleb H.

So as I was going through my golf stuff getting everything all ready, I decided to count how many dozens of pro v1 and v1x's I actually had. And after all I had 14 dozen balls just around the house! I couldn't believe I had that many and now that the new balls have come out again I know I am gonna order more!

Anyone else have a ball hoarding issue?!

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  1. Chuck Z

    Not really. I keep enough to get me through a season, which is about half a dozen. And then I will pick up a dozen or so with gift certificates through out the year. Our golf season along the coast of South Carolina is 12 months.
  2. No'l

    The loyalty program gets me set up for the most part annually, but here and there, I would pick up a box as I go through the season so I can save some for more important rounds.

    Also, I'm loving that my shag bag would all be Pro V1 that I've used and I change them as I go through the box.

    This year, it looks like I'm on schedule again- I have a dozen left of my annual order, and Team Play season has about a month to go before it's all over.

    Each year, after Team Play season are the months I get to try or evaluate either I should play the V or X. More often than not, I end up with the V.

    Like this year, every two years, (It's very exciting for me) I can't wait to see the changes and effects on my game with the new V & X.

    'Could not thank Titleist enough for all this. It seems that they have us in mind like they know our cycles.
  3. Carl T

    I have literally 3 FJ shoe boxes full of balls. I try to get out to my club early the next day after the big tournament of the year ends which is a 4 Ball. The last 3 holes are played around a lake. I can pick up about 4 dozen ProV1's and x's along with other brands the next day when the club is closed for maintenance. These previously owned balls play as well as brand new and I play them until I loose them.
  4. John G

    Sounds like a lot of money wrapped up in balls. I think I have three dozen Pro V1's in the garage and I keep another dozen in my locker at the golf course.
  5. vurich

    Caleb, there are not enough PROV's in the world to satisfy my hunger. I just had this conversation with my playing partners yesterday. I am without a doubt, the most passionate Titleist golf ball enthusiast in the world. Certified and obsessed without a cure! I love them! My dream vacation is not Hawii or Europe or anywhere else in the world, but it's to visit the Titleist ball plant in Massachusetts. You're not alone!
  6. Tom B

    I get mine also through the loyalty program at the beginning of the year, and that usually carries me through the year. Occasionally I may have a dozen or so left at the end of the year. Any "used" balls left in the bag, or trunk after a few rounds, go into a bucket for the kids in the juniors programs. Some can't afford balls, and others just lose too many to count. Still plenty of life in them so might as well go to good use. There's a bunch of us that do the same.
  7. Gabriel G

    Fourteen dozen? Yeah I think you have enough for years. I keep about two dozen balls for the year. I know it is tempting to buy more, but at $49.00 a box I can't just keep buying balls. I try to play well!
  8. Brandon W

    I have the same issue Caleb. I have 5 dozen 2017 V1's and 3.5 dozen of 2015 X. #YouNeverCanHaveEnough lol.

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