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Some fun

Stuart B

I am off to Lanzarote on 11th March and have 5 rounds of golf to look forward to. Thought I'd have a little bit of fun and will be playing all of Titleists 2017 balls over the week to see which suits my game in its current state(pro hacker!)

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  1. Stuart B

    After 5 rounds, 2 in 50kmh winds and lots of lost balls I am no closer to deciding which ball to use. Velocity was great in the wind, distance was same for all balls with driver, long and mid irons but Pro v1 couldn't be beaten for feel, spin and control on short irons from 90 yard down.

    Putting I actually preferred the Dt truesoft as I never left it short.

    Couldn't really tell much difference between NXT s and tour.

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