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Tested Black Triangle and black square

Cliff K

I just finished testing the two sleeves of you sent to me. They were the best balls I have ever hit. One had a black square on ant the other had a black triangle on the went at least 20 yards longer than any pf the balls in my bag. I will diffidently switch to them when they come out for production. Pleas keep me up to date when they come out and what you will name them, can't wait.

Cliff Kinney

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  1. Dan H

    Very cool info Cliff and thanks for sharing! Have never seen the test balls with the shapes on them!
  2. Lori E

    I received them too and was suppose to get an email survey after a few weeks but never did. I felt they were a little hard, but I'm used to playing womens balls which have a softer feel
  3. WReis

    Tested them as well. Definitely a difference between the two models but didn't see much if any gain in distance compared to previous-gen Pro V1x.
  4. Keith B

    Got to play these same balls and felt there was a difference from the NXTS I'm currently playing. Interested to know what they are. Felt I had more control around the greens with the ball with the triangle image. Would definitely purchase these balls.
  5. Vancliff J

    Played both the square and triangle.I liked them both. What are they?

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