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On the Tee: The Path to Launching the 2017 Pro V1 And Pro V1x

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist, 

I hope you had a great weekend, and maybe even a round on the course! We caught up with our Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing Michael Mahoney, to talk about the people, the path and the process to developing the new 2017 Pro V1 and Pro V1x. 

So sit back and enjoy our chat with Michael, and let us know if you have chosen Pro V1 or Pro V1x. 



Team Titleist Staff

11 Replies

  1. Steve N

    Great interview! Good insight into the development process and considerations. Always amazed and the dedication you hear from Titleiest employees.

    I've already taken advantage of the Spring promotion with 4 dozen ProV1x's on the way!
  2. Tyler H

    Thanks. Another great piece from Titleist.
  3. Scott D

    Great interview. I as well switched back to Prov V1 from the X model.

    Thanks for the posting Abby
  4. Joshua B

    Very cool, thanks for sharing this with us Abby! These posts and threads have become much more interactive and informative as of late thanks to you and your commitment.
  5. Chuck Z

    I switched from the X to the V a few years ago and am very impressed with the upgrade. That additional distance is sweet. Contacted my head pro today regarding four dozen of the new model and when the promo breaks my order is on the way. Titlest, as always, does an outstanding job. And thanks, Abbey. Am proud to be a Team Titleist member. Prov1, for me, the most reliable golf ball. Chuck.....
  6. Ty B

    Enjoyed the interview! I went back to ProV1 this year as well after playing ProV1x for the past few years. Love it!
  7. Michael JC

    Thank you Abby very cool interview! I have always been a Pro V 1 fan and will remain so! Always "trust Titleist!"
  8. Darron K

    So Awesome! I still have 3 dozen Pro V1x left. Once I get to my last dozen I'll grab a sleeve of each and see where I stand.
  9. Allen L

    Wow Abby, ya' hit a home run with this interview. Interesting, and good to hear that ball testers input means something. I did manage to play a couple rounds with the ProV1x now I'm thinking that I should give the ProV1 a try. Alabama weather was awful since December, returned to Ohio yesterday and it awfuller, can't wait for spring. Thanks for doing the interview.
  10. Mike H

    Great podcast to listen too. That was real cool to hear an actual question asked from one of the TT members.

    Like people are saying above I'm pretty sure I'm another Prov1X to Prov1 convert for this year.
  11. Jacob T

    So awesome have just received a dozen and ready to test them out

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