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Titleist Tour Yellow

David H

I have placed my order for the Loyalty Program. Pro V1x is my preferred ball of choice, and my fitting data can back that up. Early spring golf is just around the corner in Cleveland, OH. I would like to add the a tour yellow ball to the bag for the wet plugging conditions, it should help with leaves in the fall as well. How does the tour yellow ball compare in performance, example: swing speeds, compression, etc. Would love to hear some feedback.

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  1. Gary D

    If you're waiting to hear about the ProVx in yellow, you will have a long wait. Titleist, in the infinite wisdom, has decided that golfers don't need a yellow ProV. Like Henry Ford, famous for saying that people can have a car in any color as long as that color is black. Titleist will sell you a ProV in any color, provided that color is white.
  2. Chuck Z

    No complaints here. I love the Prov1 and love it in basic white. My backup ball for those wintry days is the DT Trusoft. DT TruSoft golf balls provide exceptionally soft feel on every shot. Titleist R&D engineered a new core and cover formulation that delivers very low spin in the long game for impressive distance along with short game playability. And in the winter the yellow ball comes in handy in the pine needles and leaves, but with my 915D2 11* all dialed in I may not need them next year. One dozen of these normally gets me thru the cold wintry weeks in South Carolina and I sometimes have some leftovers.

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