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How long can you store golf balls?

Cavin Poh

Was wondering how long we can keep golf balls? Understand they may degrade over time.

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  1. Kelly H

    A lot of the life of a golf ball is determined by the conditions in which they are kept... Inside a closet inside your home they should last for a long time compared to keeping them in a 100 plus degree garage.... If you have that many you aren't playing enough ;-)
  2. Chuck Z

    Wound balls use to. As long as you store your balls in the house where the temperatures are normal they will last for many many years. Storing in garages, attics, or trunks of vehicles is not recommended.
  3. Gabriel G

    I keep my (most of them) in my closest, in my home and I don't worry about them. Had them for over a year. I keep about 6 in my bag and those don't last long! :) I don't think you have to worry about this.
  4. Kathy J

    Good to know that keeping them in extreme heat will degrade the shelf life.

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