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New vs. Old pro v1

Clinton A

Quick question I hit and currently still do hit the old pro v1. Is there a big difference in the new pro v1? From what people have told me the new pro v1 plays like the old pro v1x and vice versa. Any thoughts?

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  1. Corey T

    Simple answer is YES!!!
  2. JLundquist

    As I live in Northeast Ohio I have only played one round of golf this year, in 40 degree weather. That said I still noticed a bit more spin with the new Pro V1 while hitting Driver than I did with the old Pro V1x. It was my first (outdoor) round of the year and conditions were far from perfect.
  3. Don O

    The 2017 V plays differently than the 2015 V. It is sneaky long and definitely softer feel than either version of the X. Even in the 2015, the X launched higher, so that hasn't changed. The V with a more penetrating flight does descend at a lower angle, so that makes it longer you expect based on launch. I'm generally hitting GIR+1 with short shots onto the green. I do better with the feel of the new V. I think saying the new V is the old X is not accurate, but many will be switching one way or the other because the 2017 V is not just a repackaged 2015.
  4. RJohnson

    I believe the new V1 plays a little longer and has more consistent spin around the greens.
  5. greg p

    The new ball seems to play a bit better into the wind. I don't otherwise notice any difference in spin, feel or distance.
    The old generation is still a great ball. And the difference in performance is certainly not enough to justify dumping the supply that you have...if that is what you were thinking about doing. Replace them with the new version when you run out or take advantage of current sales on old product.
  6. Benjamin D

    If anyone wants to dump their old stock of balls please let me know. As long as it says ProV on it I'll hit it!

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