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Golf Ball Abuse

Kelly H

So today my son and I were at the range and I was getting some practice in during his lesson. As many of you have seen personal balls sometimes get mixed in to range balls because of errant strikes. But I thought this was kind of odd. A member (or two) of the team titleist family lost some of their TT gear. As you can see on the lower ball this is real TT gear. I'm sure TT can research who bought these and send a nasty gram based on the markings and my address. So I picked these two out and will now use them in my shag bag so they're no longer lost souls at a driving range!

Happy Sunday!

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5 Replies

  1. Joshua B

    Way to save'em
  2. Benjamin D

    LOL. Nice find!
  3. DPerelmuter

    I'd probably do the same thing if I saw those on the range nice find.
  4. greg p

    LOL. It sure would be nice if the TT logo guaranteed against loss. But I have not found that to be true.

    In my case, gamers are retired to practice (short game) duty after they are nicked or abraded. After they have worn further, I take them to the range where I hit them goodbye. Your find could have been a couple of those balls, or others like them, that have served their former owner well.

    Great find! Would game either one!

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