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Do Logo'd Pro V1s Qualify for the Promotion?

Matt G

Hey TEAM TITLEIST and members!!! I am wanting to order some new Pro V1s with the Team Titleist and Vokey Design logo. I was wondering if a ball with those logos would qualify for the buy 3 get 1 free promotion. Also, do they have to be ordered in the store or can I do it online with My Pro V1? Thanks everyone!

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  1. Chuck Z

    Logos are not eligible under this rewards program and balls need to be ordered through an authorized Titleist dealer. Thought I would tag this site if you have any further questions regarding the promotion that ends April 16th. Cheers, Chuck......................
  2. Matt G

    Thank you Chuck!
  3. Kelly H

    CZ is right unfortunately..... Still bang for your buck its worth it.... Local shops have tight margins on balls... Only way you can get a discount quote is through quantity....
  4. Doug E

    Yes I wanted the TT logo balls too, but was disappointed to find they are not available through this promo. Guess I have to order them separately, without the discount. Oh well. I'll play the 4 dozen I got with the promotion and when I need more I'll order a couple dozen TT logo balls at full price if necessary, assuming buying only two dozen is an option. (Of course, then I won't want to play them for fear of losing any!)
  5. Lance P

    Keep on buying those ProV's...I love finding them in the woods!

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