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New ProV1X's ROCK!!

Steve N

I finally got through my old ProV1x balls and yesterday, put a new ProV1x into play. What an awesome ball. Definitely flies further and stops on the green. Best of all, on the driver, and irons I could really feel the ball compress and explode of the face. On wedges I could feel the spin imparted by the face. And, the putter was soft and rolled well; of course making a 40' birdie on the fifth hole does help!

Thanks Titleist!!

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  1. Corey T

    Steve, just curious, did you try the V's also in addition to the new X's? I have been playing the X's for a few years but when doing a "blind" test of the new balls I found that I prefer the V.
  2. James G

    I have read almost all the comments on the sites about the new X vs V and wanted to share my thoughts.
    I am a long time X player, and have played both new ones this spring, on course and on track man to confirm what I saw on the course.
    So many people have written they are switching to the new ProV from old X.
    After testing here are my thoughts, for anyone who may be confused:
    1) I am staying with the new X. It flies higher than the V for sure, on irons and driver, but in my opinion holds line just fine, no dropping out of sky.
    2) The V irons fly lower for sure, and is a great ball, I prefer High towering irons that hold line and stop where I hit it, and the new X does that for me.
    3)Off the driver the x also flies higher and consistent. The V lower and long but I prefer the flight of the X as mentioned I like to tower it and wind doesn't seem to knock it down.
    4) Short game: X feels great as does V and I see no difference in any shots under 100 yds. In fact the 50-120 yd range they both performed the same for me.

    Based on the long irons and driver flight I am sticking with the X. If you prefer lower flights across the board, the V will do that for.
    Hope this helps
    Cheers Team!

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