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Are the new V1X's firmer than the 2015 model?

Matt H

Like most previous X players, I'm stumped with the new version and have yet to place my loyalty order.

I loved the 2015 X model because it was made a touch softer than the 2013 model. In my opinion Titleist finally perfected the X in 2015 by eliminating that extra firm feel. Higher ball flight and low driver spin characteristics too.

Now for 2017 the marketing and review has it all mixed up, with some saying the X was *made* firmer, and some saying the only change to the X was the dimple pattern.

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  1. John B

    I agree there is something different in the feel of the new 17 V1X over the 15 V1X. I finally got a chance to play them last week in Hilton Head and the 17 felt "heavier" off the club face to me. I did the loyalty program though since I figure I will adjust to the new version. But the 2015 V1X was just the perfect ball for me. I also noticed with one full 54 SW the new ball scraped - which never happed before with the 15 V1X for me - so durability has me concerned with the new cover.

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