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Personalized Pro V1's

Gary C

I got my 4 dozen personalized Pro V1's in the mail yesterday. I'm kind of jokester, so I wanted to come up with something funny to put on my ball,but I got to thinking about it when I ordered them and had a couple of ideas,but ONE popped into my head "REMEMBER VETERANS", the 17 characters max. Being a Veteran so many Veterans are forgotten about and I see this as one of the best ways to remind others to remember Veterans in everyday life. I don't like losing Pro V's, but I won't mind so much,if just one person gets the message.

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4 Replies

  1. David A

    Great idea, Thank you for your service!!!
  2. Chuck Z

    Great idea. Not all remember, but those of us who served, do. USAF 1965-1971. Thanks. Appreciate your service. =)
  3. Tom B

    Thank you too! Nice idea. Wish I'd thought of it. I did get mine, 7 days after the order. WOW! Maybe it helps to live 30 miles from the plant.
  4. Gary C

    Thank you sir

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