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Most requested custom number?


I'm guessing #12---lots of Aggies play golf. Or #69. I'm #66 -as my girl's Bday is June 6th.

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  1. BHanner

    I got #13.
  2. Doug E

    I'd guess 17. Or 99. Or another double number like 88 or 55. Just a feeling.
  3. Chuck Z

    I've ordered 69 in the past, because my lowest round. But normally just order high numbers 5-8, because most people do not use them.
  4. Dwayne N

    someone is loosing a lot of 81's on my home course and it's not me i'm a 62 kinda of guy.
  5. Brandon W

    I would say 00 or 69.
  6. Chad B

    I play #13
  7. Luke R

    #12 for me. Number I wore in my high school and college football days.
  8. Lance P

    I would think 88 for all those Dale Jr. fans!
  9. Doug E

    Lance P

    I would think 88 for all those Dale Jr. fans!

    Yeah, I hate to admit I like NASCAR, but I am a huge Dale Jr. fan. Last year I had 88 on my Titleist Pro Vs for exactly that reason.

    On Sunday afternoons when I'm not actually playing golf, I am often watching TV, switching back and forth between whatever the PGA golf tournament is that week on CBS/NBC, the LPGA on Golf Channel, and the NASCAR race to see how Dale Jr. is doing. If he is knocked out of the race, I just watch golf.
  10. Todd T

    69.. Great year to be born!

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