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cleaning your balls

Bill R

I clean my golf ball from the days round with a tooth brush and dish soap. Re-mark my alignment line and put it in my tee pouch to let me know it is a used ball from yesterday. So I play it again until it is deemed unplayable. The average ProV1x is about $6.00 a ball, a waste to discard or not use cause you prefer to hit a new ball every round, very costly to say the least. How many of you have a ball in play that has a cart path black skid mark or tree scuff that wont come off in the ball washer and is deemed an eye sore? Well did you know that indeed you can clean it to look new? When you are back home and while you are cleaning your clubs, get yourself your wife's acetone nail polish remover or a sun tan lotion or spray that has 30-35 % deet and use it on a rag and wipe those ugly stains off your ball to bring it back to new look. Then you can replay that ball again tomorrow. $6.00 is $6.00 no matter which way you look at it. Money back in your pocket.

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  1. Lance P

    I agree with what you say about cleaning balls to make them almost new again. I like to think of them as "low mileage" and put them back into the rotation (until I loose them). I have never tried acetone or sun tan lotion as I just use a cleaning solution and water then wipe them off.

    I must however question where you purchase your ProV's as at $6/ball that means a box cost $72! Yikes!
  2. Dave N

    Mr. Clean Magic eraser , only way to go.
  3. Viktor S

    I actually tried putting them in the dishwasher. Works perfect! Not something i do every single time but hey, if you want to clean alot of them, try it =)

    Best regards from sweden
    // V

    Great tip! May have to give this a try!
  5. Todd T

    If it gets scuffed, it goes out of play and into shag bag...

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