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Sample sleeve


Does any know if it's possible to get a sample sleeve of the titleist balls.

I would really like to try them out, my game has come on in leaps I have lost 5 handicaps point with the last 6 months.

I would like to start playing with some decent golf balls to see if my game would Improve even more.

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  1. Don O

    If you find a Titleist ball fitting in your area, after the fitting the reps generally provide a 2 ball sample of the ball best suited to your swing. Most will find that the Pro-V line will hold greens better than their current ball in short iron/wedge play into a green. Getting on the greens closer to the pin is the best way for mid/high handicappers to improve scoring.
  2. Barry S

    Most golf stores will sell individual sleeves containing 3 balls, without having to buy a box of 12. They are usually on display near the cash registers.
  3. Chuck Z

    Sample two packs are normally given out at Titleist sponsored event. In stead of purchasing a dozen, you can purchase a three pack thru you local pro shop which most of us do when we want to try a new ball.
  4. Michael V

    Yes. Check to see if Titleist has a ball fitting in your area. I went to one earlier today and got 4 of the Pro VIs for free. Thank you Titleist!

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