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Vancliff J

I have narrowed my ball choice to the NXT Tour or Tour S. Between these two I have the following questions: (Driver Swing Speed 88-92 mph, index 12 with chipping and pitching the major weaknesses)

1. Which spins less off driver and long clubs - 3 wood and hybrids?

2. Which will run out less on hard greens ?

3. Overall which is more likely to help my chipping and pitching?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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  1. Gabriel G

    There was a ball fitting guide on this web site. I have used it before. They ask you questions about your game which you apparently know. Then it recommends what ball you should use.
  2. Don O

    1. NXT Tour. Performs more like the Pro-V1x.
    2. About equal. Even Pro-V's won't stop if the green is super hard.
    3. Personal choice - I prefer a softer feel so I prefer the Pro-V1 (moved from NXT's about 3 years ago) over the X.
  3. Barry B

    NXT Tour spins less, Tour S will run out less on hard greens, chipping & pitching is probably a toss-up.
  4. Kelly H

    That is a tough question. Not sure if you've looked here ( but it could answer some of your questions!
  5. Jack H

    Tricky decision on your hands. To answer your first question, they have similar long game spin. In regard to your second question, the NXT Tour promotes a higher ball flight which in theory would stop quicker on firm greens with approaches. The main difference between the two is feel. NXT Tour is a firmer ball whereas the NXT Tour S is softer. All comes down to preference. When it comes to chipping, if you are struggling, I would strongly recommend trying out the Pro V1. The Pro V1 seems to match what you were asking about. I would highly recommend them!
  6. Janice C

    I think it's a personal taste situation. I love a soft-covered spinning ball but then I don't put a lot of side spin on my ball as a rule. What works more than anything else for short game is to find a ball you like and stick with it. Knowing how your ball will react to your short game shots will save you tons of strokes, IMO.
  7. richbow9

    I prefer the 'S' for all the situations you mention. I've been using them for about a year now, and it is my ball of choice at the moment. Another reason is that I can't justify the expense of the V1 and V1x

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