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4 for 3


Just rec'd my 4 doz of pro v1x thru loyalty program.. was informed it may take up to 5 weeks, but rec'd in 10 days.. what awesome service & one heck of a deal.. for those of u who didn't take advantage, ur loss

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  1. Joe M

    Mine arrived today. Only ordered them 9 days ago. Great turn around. Thanks Titleist!!
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  2. David M

    Ordered mine on April 16th...being told that May 26th is the ship date. Looks like I can expect them sooner.
  3. Travis W

    Got mine in just a few weeks as well. Great turn around time! I was in the Class of '91 at Annapolis, so Titleist 91 for me. I'm the only one at my course with that number, so there is no mistaking which is mine.
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  4. Chris P

    I'm about 3 weeks out since my order went in. Looking forward to their arrival.

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