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What are the odds of 3 eagles on one hole, same day?

Chuck Z

I play in a seniors men's league on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A week ago Friday on hole #10 we had what we felt my be an unusual experience on that par five. Three of our foursome had eagles on that hole. All four of us had good drives off the tee. Two of us had reached the green in two, one was about five feet from the pin and I was about twelve from the pin. One of the others was about 25 yards away in the leaves behind a sand trap. He took out his trusty wedge chipped it up on the green, it looked good the minute it hit the green and rolled up the the pin and dropped in for the first eagle. The fourth had hit from the fairway and was over the green. He finally got on the green and missed his birdie putt and made his par. I was away at twelve feet, putting up hill dead straight to the hole and eagle number two. Final putt, to complete the trifecta, Ray looked nervous, his nature, and he tapped it gently and in it went, eagle number three. We were three pretty proud golfers that day and were wondering, is this an oddity or not. Yeah, I was using the ProV1, as ALWAYS. All three of us looked at the fourth who made the par and said, "sorry Charlie", well his name is Charlie.

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  1. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    Such a fun story, Chuck! Thanks for sharing. There's always major pressure when everyone else in your group birdies or in your case, eagles a hole! Happened with me last weekend when I played Palmetto with my father and his buddies. Fortunately, I made the birdie :)

    All the best,
    Team Titleist Staff
  2. Jack H

    That is so neat! Congrats!
  3. pulplvr

    Nice tale, Chuck. Closest I've heard to that is two on one hole -- a par 4, at that. Playing with my regular group of about 12-16 seniors, the foursome I was in had the two eagles. We play net skins, so when one of our group holed out from the fairway, he was exceptionally happy, figuring he had a guaranteed skin. I played next and topped his hole-out with one of my own, from about 65 yards out. The group went crazy, especially the other guy with an eagle, as you can imagine.
  4. Kelly H

    Struck by lighting while getting attached by a shark ;-)
  5. Doug E

    Chuck, this wasn't just 3 eagles in one group, this was 3 SENIOR eagles! Amazing. This just doesn't happen. Heck, since getting over the 55 mark a few years back, I have not gotten one single eagle in close to 1000 rounds. I've only putted for 10 or 12 during that period, all missed. And I've come really close to holing out from the fairway (within a foot) many, many times. Or from off the tee on a par 3 even more times. But still, no eagles/aces. 3 on one hole from within the same group, the odds must be astronomical, and astronomical-squared in a senior group. Great job to all of you! And for poor Charlie, as I always say when I miss a birdie putt, "Oh well, pars are good."
  6. Chuck Z

    Charlie is the oldest in the crowd at 77, me going on 71, Ray at 69 and the fourth Dean 75. These guys can play some golf. Nothing for Dean to have five or six birdies and he did have an albatross a few weeks ago on a par five. Charlie had six birdies today and shot 69. We are a fun group of senior citizens who love the game of golf and we do play from the senior tees. I had another eagle the following week, when I hit my second shot two feet from the pin and tapped in for an eagle. We play along the coast if the wind is right it can shorten the par fives and the eagles can soar at times. You get'em Abby. I might be lookin' for a new four-ball partner! =)
  7. Tom B

    Good Job Chuck! Similarly just about 15 years ago I was part of the same. We have a relatively short par 5, 485, but a 5 because it plays all uphill, so your shots get cut off. All 4 in the group either hit the green or were on the fringe, ranging from 8 to 25 feet. 3 out of the 4 putted in for eagle. Playing a match the first laughed saying "good luck boys". Next one, his opponent, my partner putted his in, laughing all the way. Next I put mine in and we were all laughing, high five'ing and jumping around, then booing the last who missed. We were all proud of ourselves talking about never having a hole halved with eagles, never mind 3 of 4. Walking off the next tee it was mentioned that we killed each other in the skins pool by halving, as the eagles pay double. Big talk in the grille room afterward with "wows" and congrats from our buddies, until the one running the skins pool mentioned if only one had made it he have collected $125 for his effort as there were a lot of ties. The crowd then turned to big oooohs and aaaahs .... then to "to bad", and then to chuckles as they agreed we had a great story but nothing else to show for it. What are friends for anyway.
  8. Sawyer Nix

    My dad got a double eagle on a par four and another partner in his group got an ace on a par three in the same round. It made the state paper and some other publications.

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