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Spins of 2017 Pro V1 & v1X

Emil S

Hi TT I've tested putting & chipping the 2017 models of Pro v1 & Pro v1x yesterday. Previously I have always gravitated towards the Pro v1 as I felt it had more spin around the greens, playing of 17 hcp it's performed fantastic whilst scrambling. However after yesterdays testing I left with the feeling that the Pro v1x was the spinnier of the two balls. Has anyone else had the same observation? Cheers from Sweden!

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  1. Matty E

    I've noticed it as well. Which isn't all that surprising since that's why titleist says the new pro v1x does. The pro v and the x have basically switched places
  2. Gabriel G

    The ProV1X spins so much more than any ball I have every played. So much that players will comment on the spin when it hits the green. How it checks up so quick. Even on short chip shots. I can count on it, even on a hard green. People think I am a good player by the action of my ball! :)
  3. Jordan L

    X spins way more. I am high spin player so I opt for the V.
  4. Rex S

    I recently played 3 rounds with one black test Pro V1. I was very impressed with its performance in very windy conditions. I played all 3 rounds in a total of 3 over par. The feel was very good and the durability is much better than previous models.
  5. Fred C

    Titleist mentiomns this in the their advertising and on the packaging, I believe. The V1x does spin a lot more around the greens. I play the ProV1 because I don't want that much spin on short shots and it also flies lower, which is useful in the Texas winds.

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