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Making the switch from Pro V1X to Pro V1

Michael O

I've been playing Pro V1x's for many years now but after reading reviews on here and the info coming from Titleist I decide to try out the 2017 Pro V1's and boy am I glad I did. Definitely a more penetrating flight off the driver even dead into a 20+ MPH Wind as well as the Mid to Long Irons. Plus I still got great spin and control off the short irons and wedges. So I guess I'm now a Pro V1 guy and not looking back. Good thing I had used up all of my X's before making the switch.

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  1. Richard K

    Agreed, I thought pro v1x was the ball for me but dang every time I hit pro v1 it is fantastic. Especially 150 in. So congrats on switching balls!
  2. Ryan M

    I prefer the feel of the ProV over the X when putting
  3. rob m

    The X is too clicky for me off the wedges. I prefer the soft butter feel of the V. The softness makes me feel i have more control of the ball. I'm a 89--92 mph driver swing so I could benefit from the X with a higher trajectory but i'm not switching from the V
  4. Michael O

    Thanks, I played a full round on Sunday for the first time using the V's and was really impressed with the ball flight Out in 38, back in 40 and the greens had been punched and I had 4-5 putts stop just short in the heart of the hole. I'm a believer!

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