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First Time I Hit a Titleist

Gabriel G

You remember the first time you hit a Titleist? For me it was on a par 3, I took the ball out of my bag (I have a habit of saving new balls). There was a sand bunker in front of the pin. My flight was always low and skipping. I was hitting a Top Flite ball (yeah, remember those?). I took the Titleist and just went for the pin. Low and behold the ball went high and far. Right over the bunker. I thought I went over the green. But my ball dropped on the green and checked up about ten feet front of the pin. Right between the bunker and the flag. After seeing the results I was hooked! Such a great feeling, a well struck Titleist golf ball.

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  1. Darryl M

    My first time was a sophomore in high school, our coach used to give us a sleeve before a meet. I didn't understand it at first until I noticed I hit the ball better in the meet than during practice. My Spalding eagles couldn't compare to the Titleist DT 90 compression Black Letters over Red number. (1978) have not compromised on my golf ball since.
  2. Bill L

    I don't remember the first Titleist I ever hit but I do remember creasing a few in the old balata days.
  3. Justin M

    I will never forget the first time I hit a Titleist golf club! I went to a range in the area to try a set of used irons. Irons had always been a weak spot in my game and I could never find the green. The first few shots I hit were with an 8 iron to a 140 yard flag. All 3 shots were within 10 feet of the flag stick. Had to be a mistake! Pulled out the 6 iron and aimed at a 160 yard pole that was raised about 15 feet in the air. I hit he pole I was aiming at and started laughing at the results I was getting. Needless to say, I left with those irons and have never looked at adding another brand to the bag. No question in my mind now that Titleist gear just adds accuracy to my game. I've never had more fun playing this great game than I have since making the switch.
  4. John B

    About 42 years ago - I caddied for our club champ and he was using Titleist Balatas and he gave me some. Since then it has been all Titleist - DTs, HP2, HP2 Tours, Professionals 100, Pro Vs, NXT Tours and now Pro V1X. That is a long time, but would still not play any other ball.
  5. Dino J

    I was a kid when I hit my first Titleist ball ... at that time as an adolescent kid, I could not really afford premium balls and would play Spalding golf balls. Are they even around anymore? One afternoon when playing, I found a Titleist DT Wound 80 compression ball. I decided that I would play it and struck my first Titleist shot on a downhill par 4. After I holed out, I put the ball in my bag and used my Spalding ball lest I lose my DT Wound!
  6. Gabriel G

    That was funny!
  7. Don O

    I won a door prize of a dozen NXTs when I was first getting back into golf about 7 years ago. I was still imparting far too much side spin for a Pro-V, but the NXTs were amazing for being long and straight compared to whatever was on sale at the box store. I saved them for special occasions and probably took almost 2 seasons to use them all. That helped me transition me to using better balls and equipment.
  8. Dave N

    It was in 2004, I was playing Pinnacle . A friend tossed me a Pro V1 , I have been on board since.

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