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Pro v1 or Pro v1x ?

Brett G

I've Been playing the Pro v1 for quite a long time and have been very satisfied, however, I find myself gravitating the x lately with the new ball. Has anyone else made the switch, if so, what are your findings?

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  1. Chris92009

    I made the switch this past winter from the V to the X...I feel it was a good move since I prefer a slightly higher launch as well as firmer feel to the ball.
  2. colin b

    i've swapped the other way and went from the X to the V.
  3. rob m

    Ive been playing the v myself. The new x still feels to me clicky off the face. Though i would benefit from higher trajectory i still cant get over the feel of the x. Thoughts...
  4. DC

    I actually switched from the x to the v to bring down my ball flight, helps to penetrate wind in my location.
  5. Chuck Z

    I have always played the V and am staying with it. Love the feel and the performance.
  6. Don O

    What I like about the V/X this time is they are noticeably different from the last release. I wonder sometimes that competitors may just be repackaging on their yearly updates. While I'm gravitating to the V, I'm not losing any distance from the X even though I should be seeking a higher launch - but I'm scoring better around the greens. The softer feel might account for that. Just have to love that there is a distinct difference so there is a real choice to get your best results.
  7. Corey T

    I made the change from the X to the V....seems as if they switch the two balls as I previously played the proV1x
  8. greg p

    ProV for me. I experimented with the X a bit late last year and liked the ball flight off of the 917 slightly better. But I'm really trying to improve my short game this year and feel that combined softness/extra spin of the V is best for me.

  9. Emil S

    I've used both and I do like the feel of the V more around the greens. Otherwise I do think the X is better for me in the 2017 model.
  10. Gary L

    Just received my 4 dozen balls. I wanted the prov1x in pink lettering.since the promo was in pink for the v only,I had to decide if I wanted to switch balls.I stayed with the x.find that the cover is softer.should have tried the v1 this time around
  11. JAM

    I will be making the switch from the X to the V as soon as my X test balls are taken out of play for the same reason TT members have stated above.
  12. Ken F

    I have been an x player for several years, but I think the new 1 feels more like the old x. I just like the contact feel at the moment of impact better w/ the new 1 and that's similar to the old x for me. I used to test ball for Titleist, mainly when they were developing their second tier balls and I feel like I can sense the differences in ball club contact. I was a little surprised to switch from x to 1, as you did, but they have changed these balls, haven't they?
  13. Ken F

    The above comments are really right on. I was an x player because it felt softer and just better. Now the x is harder and the 1 is softer. Did they just mix up the recipe when they make these balls?

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