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Hayden W

Everyone that plays golf should play these ProV1s or ProV1xs. They really do have the best feel and can spin more than a fidget spinner! If you don't really have faster swing speed I would suggest the ProV1s which are still gonna give you spin with that slower swing speed. If you have a faster swing speed then stick with the ProV1xs.

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  1. Robert L

    I'm just not sure the tie between the comments and the title. I also think that more goes into ball selection than just SS, like the results that the ball produces per each individual (spin numbers, ball flight, preferred feel, etc;).
  2. Don O

    My own experience was I needed to find a cure for a slice before graduating to the Pro-Vs. I didn't enjoy losing Pro-Vs 5 or more a round. Regardless of handicap serious golfers will do better with the best equipment fitted to them.
  3. Hunter C

    The PRO V series is not for every golfer. There are a lot of factors that determine the right ball for a certain person. If every person could play a PRO V then Titleist would not even make another ball. At the same time, just because your a beginner does not mean you "cant" play a PRO V either.
  4. James B

    I've only played the game for 2 years and have yet to try the V or the X.
    I'll be heading out to my local shop this upcoming week and try both out!

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