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Titleist 90 HP2's found

Chris F

Stumbled across these Titelist 90 HP2's with a Bob Hope Classic monogrammed on every ball. Just wondering if I found something special or pretty common. I know these specific balls are discontinued but does the monogram add any special relevance besides just the ball? Any info you may have about them would be greatly appreciated. Google searched and can't find this ball with the monogram anywhere

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4 Replies

  1. Barry B

    That is a cool find. I would definitely hang on to them, especially since the tournament has changed names & sponsors a number of times since Bob's passing.
  2. John O

    Cool find! I used to love the HP2s back in the day.
  3. Declan R

    Nice one.....I played the HP2 Tour back in the late 90's and loved them.
  4. Barry S

    Just curious. Where did you happen to stumble across a full dz.?

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