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Made the switch to the Pro V1 - go try it

Kyle C

I used to play the X. After attending a Titleist seminar at a golf expo, I was given some Pro V1's. After one round, I made the switch. With the new Pro V1, I still feel as if I have the SAME distance and green control as before. The biggest difference with the new V was the lower ball flight and softer feel, just as Titleist advertised. As a result I immediately felt as if i had more control with my LONG game. My accuracy and confidence of the tee improved greatly and became a strength of my game again (i had been going through a driver slump for about 2 months.) If you havent tested out the new Pro V1, get out there this weekend and try it.

P.S. I also went and bought the Pink play number ProV1 - swagger

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  1. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    Hey Kyle - Thanks for the feedback! i'm glad to hear your confidence and accuracy off the tee has improved, that's what it's all about.

    I'm also a huge fan of pink Pro V1, such a good look and there are great pink logos to go along with them on My Pro V1.

    Have a great season!
    Team Titleist Staff
  2. rob m

    I agree. I play the V1 as well; even though i could benefit from a higher trajectory that the X gives you. The X still feels clicky to me off my wedges, especially with chip shots.
  3. chris b

    I have a dozen of both ... gonna go out & compare them this weekend. Hopefully on my dad's course that is never very crowded so I can hit multiple shots into holes. Especially shots inside 100 yards ... that's where I want to see a difference in performance.
  4. Chuck Z

    I went to a fitting a few years ago and the Titleist representative changed me from the X to the V and I have stuck with it. I do like the performance of the new V off the face of the club and around the greens. I am passing my buddies who play the new and old X. Just picked up my new 917D2 (Fujikura Speeder Tour Pro 64 shaft) and cannot wait to see how they perform together. They had that WOW factor at the fitting. My fitter let me us the new balls when he was fitting me. We older guys need all the help we can get.
  5. Edward J

    When are you going to give the "Senior set" a break and produce the Pro V in yellow? The NXT Tour S just doesn't make the grade.
  6. Michael P

    I've used the Pro V1x all my life. Like the sound and feel. What can I expect by switching to the Pro V1?
  7. Caleb M

    I played the X for the longest time. I played with the new Pro V1 and i switched instantly. The control around the greens, and the feel you get off the putter face is outstanding. I hit it just as far as the X, and the workability is phenomenal. I can hit it high, low, and with low spin which is great. Titleist loyalist for life!
  8. william r

    Thanks for the comments I've played the x for years can't wait to try the v this week.

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