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Pro V1X

Curt K

Today I decided to try the ProV1X instead of the ProV1 and I am glad I did. I have played the ProV1 for several years and I am making the switch. I seem to feel the ball better and loved the way it rolled off the face of my X5. Thank you Titleist for making the BEST golf product out there!!

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  1. Justinu3

    Once you go X, you never go back :-)
  2. Russell S

    I agree with Justinu3, I played ProV1 for about 5 years before making the switch and its a game changer. A little bit more distance off the tee but same great feel around the greens.
  3. Titleist_AU_Fan

    I am seeing a lot of folks switching from the V to the X, and vice versa. Looks like Titleist is giving us some incredible options this year!
  4. Gerald H

    Last year I received an email asking if I would like to test the new ProV1 golfballs. Of course I said yes, and I promptly received 3 golf balls in a white box. I put them in play immediately and the first thing I noticed the soft feel and the distance. Second, the stopping power on the greens. In a sentence, I loved the ball. Now the only ball in my bag is the ProV1x period. I played today, on the first tee I pulled out 2 ProV1x balls 1 in my pocket, 1 in the ball holder of my cart. At the end of my round I put 2 ProV1x golf balls back in my bag, the 1 from my pocket as I walked of the 18th green and the 1 from the golf cart ball holder. I'm 57 years old, the guys I play with we play from the tips . I'm not the longest off the tee. I don't always hit my irons the straightest, but around the greens I wouldn't want to play any other golf ball. Titleist thanks.
  5. D. Coble T

    TT OK, I've upgraded from the NXT Tour Soft to the ProV1X & must say I'm loving it from tee to bottom of the cup! WOW, pure perfection with this one....ordered a few custom dozen for the summer tourneys!!! Thanks to your mobile crew here in Denver last month providing me with a sample package! Actually received two but shared the other sleeve with a new playing partner for his use to try.

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