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Share Your Feedback on the New Pro V1

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

After a long New England winter and an iffy spring, the season is officially in full swing for me. I’ve finally been able to post a few initial rounds and right out of the gate, one area of my game that has me really excited is my new golf ball.

I recently switched to the 2017 Pro V1 and I love the consistency of the flight with all shots and the short game control is off the charts good. The feel can’t be beat and to top it off, this ball is long. I mean, really long.

This is my ball for the season (custom play number 9 from and I can't wait to tee it up again.

How about all of you? Now that you’ve had a chance to game the new Pro V1, what’s your feedback?

Are you seeing more distance? What do you think about the flight? Are you posting lower scores? What do you love most about the new ball?

Post your feedback below and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say. 

- Mike

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  1. Jay H

    Really looking forward to following this discussion. Long time X player, now almost ready to jump to the V. Finding a lot of the same results as you, Mike. Amazing how Titleist continues to make the very best even better!
  2. Mike H

    The Midwest has been the same weather wise, but I did get to try out the new Pro V1. I was most impressed with the control in the green I was getting plenty of 1 hop and stop or perfect roll out with the ball and it was so easy to determine where the ball would end up.

    I did get a dozen of both to try out side by side of the Pro v1 and Pro V1x and the the soft and smooth feeling of theV1 in putts and short pitch shots made me keep wanting to use it over the V1x.
  3. Tyler H

    I too am using the 2017 ProV1 and find that the ball flight fits my "window" along with providing optimal feel and spin around the greens.
  4. Dave D

    Love the new Pro V1 and am gaming it totally. I am a senior (67) and have lost swing speed but have picked up a few yards with driver and really like the feel around greens while pitching, chipping and putting. Thanks for fine product.
  5. Kevin B

    WOW & WOW!

    Pro V1x the Perfect Golf Ball in so many ways!

    Just when you would think Titleist had perfected the Pro V1 and couldn't be any more extraordinary than it already is....#BAM it just got improved. Feel. Distance and I may be wrong but the cover seems to be more scratch and scuff resilient.

    I love the consistency of the ball. Fresh from the box to tee box the ball is amazing in every way. Never have to wonder about the ball performance tee to green.

    Titleist nailed the Pro V again!

    Post Image
  6. Cole W

    Great views Mike, I too have seen the changes in the new ProV1x that I play (custom number 20-old college bball number), I have noticed that it is a little longer, and I like that this ball seems easier to flight. Great feel off the club and still terrific spin.
  7. pauldrue

    My golf ball of choice ended up being the Pro V1x. I tested both the V and the X side by side on the course.

    On the driver, even though both ended up with same with the distance, the X was a higher launch and better to my eye.

    For the irons, especially into the green, the X allowed me to drop, stop, and spin into various pin locations. The V had too much drop, stop, and roll for my liking.

    And I actually thought my putting was more consistent with the X.

    Both are excellent golf balls. Glad that Titleist reworked the V to accommodate different needs for golfers. Can't go wrong with either one.


  8. John H

    This years version is definitely longer and more stable in crosswinds. I like the piercing trajectory as well.
  9. Dwayne N

    Really like the new proV1 great flight and the extra yardage and soft feel have me excited. I think the improvements to the ball are great couldn't believe the differences from last years ball. Great job Titleist in making a great ball better.
  10. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    I'm currently playing the 2017 Pro V1 (pink!), specifically with the pink skull logo.

    Pro V1 pink has all the same player benefits and technology as Pro V1 with a black play number, and I'm finding more consistencies in flight with some distance gains off the tee. I've also noticed that the ball has nice interactions with the turf and greens, where I'm able to have more control of my short game.


  11. Joseph M

    This past spring I made the switch to Team Titleist after playing swoosh for the past 7 years. I made the switch to the new ProV1X and I'm almost upset that I didn't switch sooner. It was by far the easiest ball transition I have ever made in my career. I play golf 3-5 weeks and am a +3.0 handicap so I needed a ball that I can control the spin, have the right ball flight and distance control. With the new ProV I get all of that. Not to mention the distance is plain ridiculous. I noticed a +8yd difference from the start. Couldn't be happier
  12. APhillip

    I'm a long time Pro V1x that has recently started to play a few nine holes with the V1. Must say that in the past the choice for me has been very easy. But this year the golf balls are both outstanding. Really like both but still not used to seeing that black number when I'm experimenting with the V1.
  13. Dr O

    I have played the prov1 since its introduction, love the distance, spin, feel and durability. A few years back a switched to the prov1x because of lower ball flight and less spin on full shots. This new model ball had me confused. Naturally assumed I would continue playing the x, however I love the ball flight of the v- lower and less spin on full shots, but you can still work the ball and stop it quickly with shorter clubs and wedges. You can't go wrong with either! Titleist has 2 balls better than all the rest the problem is choosing between the two
  14. vurich

    Once again, Titleist has outdone themselves with the latest ProV line. Just an amazing product. I didn't get a chance to test the V or the X when they were seeded to my fellow T.T. members, so I had to wait until the Titleist fitting van came to my area. Definitely worth the wait! My first 9 with the X, I shot a clean 33. Very exciting. I've always been a V guy (mainly because I've always loved the black on black script and number), but I was told the X was a better fit for my game. Anyway, I purchased 6 dozen V's and 6 dozen X's to start out. No matter which one I play, they both the most important factor I look forward to in a Titleist ball, the emotional response it creates with the look, feel and sound from the box to the end of the round. There is nothing in the Titleist line-up that gives me more joy than the ProV line. Congrats!
  15. Mark B

    I'm a long time X player and I put the new Pro V1X in play on a trip to Florida this February. First round with the new ball and I had 4 birdies in my first 12 holes!

    This spring after a Titleist Thursday Driver fitting; the fitter (who was fantastic) gave me a couple sleeves each of the new Pro V1's and the new Pro V1X and suggested that I give the new Pro V1 a look.

    I've spent about a month off and on testing both balls and really I don't think you can make a bad choice. They both perform superbly. I decided to go with the X, but it was a much tougher choice than when I made the choice to go with X many years ago.

    Titleist has raised the golf ball bar once again!
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