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V vs. X on driver side spin

Greg K

I feel I have a pretty good feel for what the new 2017 balls offer in regards to their performance. The one uncertainty that I'd like clarification on is the Driver side spin. If struck equally, which of the two balls will have the least dispersion? I need the ball that will have the least left/right. Thanks

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  1. Leslie V

    Don't we all...
  2. Rick V., Team Titleist Staff


    Off the tee, the spin rates on Pro V1 and Pro V1x are virtually identical. There will be very minor fluctuations from golfer to golfer, but the difference would never be great enough to offer a performance advantage/disadvantage (e.g. if you're hoping to minimize the curve on your drives with a lower spin ball). The big difference you'll see off the tee between Pro V1 and Pro V1x is flight - for most golfers, Pro V1 launches lower and will roll out more. Pro V1x will launch higher and carry further with a steeper angle of descent.

    I'd recommend comparing them side by side with your driver, on some relatively tight driving holes. While the spin rate of one model vs. the other may not help you stay in play, the trajectory might. Pro V1, for example, may get down sooner if you slice it and stay in the first cut, where Pro V1x may carry further in the air, fly wider offline and end up in trouble. You really have to test it though, as it all depends on your unique swing.

    Hope this helps answer your question.

  3. Greg K

    Great advise and response. Thanks

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