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Titleist Pro-V1

Frank S

Very disappointed in the durability of the new pro-Vs. Anyone else seen this or have this happen to them? I am a 5 handicap & although it may look like I bladed a shot, that's not the case. This ball was brand new out of the sleeve & used it for 6 holes. Very disappointing.

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  1. Brian D

    I have had the new ProV's in play for at least 3 months, and I usually swap out the ball 2-3 times per round, averaging about a sleeve a round.

    Since I have put the new balls in play, the only ball I could fund that had a similar marking to the one you show, is a ball I "thinned" out of a trap, leaving a similar mark. Based on where that mark is, pretty much center mass of the ball, I would speculate that it might have been a miss hit,

    Sorry to hear you are disappointed, but playing Titleist balls going back to the balata model, I have never had a thought enter my mind that would cause me to switch to another ball. Hopefully it was just an anomaly, and you will have better performance from the remaining ones you have....Keep the faith and give it another shot...

    Best of luck with your game this summer
  2. Chuck Z

    No, love the new balls. Now when I have hit a cart path, my ball has gotten one of those nicks. Are you a digger or a picker?
  3. Mathew B

    I am right there with you Frank. The durability is very disappointing. I am a 3.7 handicap; and if I hit down on a sand or gap wedge, I end up with significant scuffing of the golf ball. Extremely disappointed in Titleist at this time. $15 a sleeve golf balls that last about 15 swings.
  4. Mike H

    Unfortunately it looks like you have a prior generation Pro V1x.

    I played with the actual new Pro V1 multiple times for 9 holes without any major scuffs or cracks.

    I do believe that cracking and scuffing will eventually happen with urethane covered balls no matter the brand or model.
  5. Tim Tiger

    That's not a "new" pro v.
    It's last years model.
    And any decent low hndcp player such as yourself can hit a ball good enough to crease it under the right conditions.

  6. Don O

    I happen to have one ball I've been using for 5-6 rounds and on 2 continents and the only mark is a discoloration from a tree in Wales. I haven't used it on every hole, but it has well past 40 holes of use. I haven't had a durability issue since the 2013 release.
  7. JReeter

    I've had almost the same looking damage, that's crazy
  8. JSherson

    I thought I was the only one Frank!
    I have had a similar problem with the new Pro-V1x. I found after about 9 holes I had to replace (even for a 9 H/C)!
    Hopefully just a bad batch...
  9. JCaldwell

    They aren't bulletproof. I've done that countless times. It hurts on a new $4 ball. Most of the time I'll catch a full wedge only to do this to a ball. Handicap doesn't play into how a ball reacts to a golf club with newer grooves. I scuffed a few with 6 year old Vokeys until last fall, my SM6's leave marks too obviously. Use it for putting around the house or chipping in the yard. I've got 8 dozen balls on the floor to get thru before I try anything new.
  10. Brian D

    Just noticing the details here, you are also holding a prior model of the ProV, not the most recent. The alignment arrow on your ball in the pic is grey, that is the older model. The new ones are all black with no grey
  11. Dr O

    Look at the tour pros they change balls every couple of holes and it's not from poor shots. If you want soft feel with spin you risk scuff marks.
  12. 19hole

    If being the last generation ball, I would not expect this to happen. I can play a full round and the ball looks pretty much as it did coming out of the sleeve.
  13. Greg K

    The ball you took a photo of appears to be 2 generations ago. Note the aiming mark. It's not a 2017. Just an FYI
  14. Devon M

    I have just started playing the 2017 in the past few months, and they have seemed pretty good to me. I do notice some small scratching on it after a few big wedge shots, but for the most part they are holding up wonderfully. It isn't every ball that this happens with, and I am positive that I will stick with this years.

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