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Special Edition U.S. Open ProV's


I saw on the TT Europe page there are special edition balls for the US Open this year. Will these be available to purchase in the Us at all? Seems odd that the are only available in the UK.

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  1. David M

    Scotty Cameron had them in his US Open release on Tuesday.

  2. Paul H

    Yes. Would like to know if you can purchase these special edition golf balls
  3. JLundquist

    Do you have a link to purchase them? Otherwise i'm buying them form UK lol.
  4. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    Hey guys! I'm glad you like the American flag golf balls. They can be ordered on My Pro V1 as well:

    Once you select your golf ball, you can choose logo, select flags, and choose the America logo!

    Additionally, you can find commemorative #69 ProV1 or ProV1x golf balls at your local pro shop for our 69th year as the #1 ball at the U.S. Open!

    Team Titleist Staff

  5. Chris B

    well.....that is awesome!!
  6. JLundquist

    Thanks Abby! I'll keep an eye out for them!!

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