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Suggestions for a bogey golfer

John A.

I normally play Pro V1x balls from a friend's recommendation who's a scratch golfer. I swing hard and pretty long, but I'd like to know if anyone recommends something for someone who's around an 18. Does it matter?

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  1. Gary L

    If you like the prov1x,play it.consistency is important. Changing balls sound and feel different , which could affect your confidence and distance control.putter feel will be affected too
  2. Barry B

    Without ever having seen you play it's hard to recommend a ball. Since your friend, who you say is a scratch golfer, recommended the Pro V1x, stick with it. He has obviously seen you play enough to know what might be the correct ball for you.
    Another option would be to look for a ball fitting event in your area and see what recommendation comes out of that.
  3. Don O

    Titleist recommends fitting for a ball from green to tee. As a higher handicapper, I have many short iron/wedge "opportunities". I don't spin the ball back, but I can count on the Pro-V1 to at least check up so I can hold the green better from difficult lies. If a better short game would improve your score, then using a urethane ball with good wedges, lessons on utilizing wedges, and practice will make a difference. I see a lot of players that only have one shot, a low pitch and run. They only have a PW and a SW from their iron set and haven't cleaned the face in this decade. For them, any ball will work the same.
  4. No'l

    A, if you goal to continue to be a better golfer and want to find what ball fits you, there are some good and helpful information here:

    Furthermore, ball fitting events goes on at some selected places noted here:

    Learning more about the two could lead you to a good path in pursuit of your goals.

    Good luck.
  5. Chuck Z

    "A", sorry, I would never tell someone which ball to play. I would always recommend going to a ball fitting in your area. A buddy of mine went to get fitted for a new set of clubs and he was playing ProV1s and the fitter recommended he play NXT Tours. These guys do this for a living and are pros at their trade. These are the guys I trust. I changed over from the Pro1x to the Prov1 a few years ago because of a Titleist fitting. There are just too many variables. With respect. Chuck =)
  6. Lou G

    I generally score about 85 for 18 on a regulation course and between par and +3 on a 9 hole exec course. Pro V1x is a good ball. I would say I have pretty consistent ball striking (still have a small fade on the driver but straight or slight draw on the rest). I just overhauled my bag and I have gained on ball striking but need to restore my short game to the level it was in 2013 (it was the opposite - mediocre ball striking and pro level short game and I did break 80).
    Post Image
  7. Lou G

    And to add to what Don says, we seniors need to have a good short game, considering we lose distance over the years (I used to hit an old school, aka X31, 4 iron about 200 30 years ago and generally hit about 260 with a 3 wood; I've tossed the 3 wood and carry a 17 and finally caught up to the hybrid hype with the 21 and hit it about 200). Also, for some of us, set makeup changes (in 1985 I used a 1 iron off the tee and now the longest iron I carry is an 8 iron; I can hit a 7 but got so spoiled with a 32-34H over the past 8 years).
  8. nate l

    The ball is the only thing you play every shot. If you like the way the Pro V1x plays around the green then stick with it. The more variables you eliminate in the game the better.
  9. Dan V1

    Hello A! I say stick with the V1x. I am currently a 14 handicap who was finally able to make golf my full time hobby six years ago. For me (95-100mph driver swing), it's super long and straight off the tee. But even more importantly to me, the V1x gives me the confidence to pitch/chip at the pin because I know it will check up and not roll off the green like so many other balls will. For me, that's the key to a great round!
  10. Chris B

    The most important thing for me is feel around and on the green - I know that I will miss greens so the feel when chipping, pitching etc. is vital to me......then of course the feel with the putter.

    Until 2017, I was a devoted PV1x user - the 2017 PV1 appears to be more my style now though.

    Those two golf balls are simply the best for feel around the green.
  11. harry h

    I so that ball fitting is the way to go.i play yellow version of nxt it works best for me I don't have back spin either and after trying and testing different titleist among other brands found this ball to work best for me
  12. Steve L

    Don't swing hard...
  13. John A.

    This is great advice guys thank you. I will stick with what I'm using until I can properly get fitted. Awesome advice.
  14. Lou G

    Julius Boros had a book titled "Swing Easy, Hit Hard." Sometimes when you really STRIPE a golf shot it feels effortless anyway. When you try to swing too hard or too fast, your upper body takes over and you do the nasty things like come over the top.

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