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DT Trusoft Balls

Vancliff J

Does Titleist manufacture their cheaper balls to the same quality standards as the more expensive ProVs?

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  1. Joe D

    In my honest opion any ball stamped with the Titleist name is a quality golf ball.while the trusoft is a two piece ball,rest assure you are receiving quality,
    and the ball will perform.
  2. 19hole

    In a word, Yes! All of the balls, from the value priced to the most expensive, are made to the highest quality standards in the business. I have been lucky enough to visit the ball factory and the emphasis placed on quality is evident throughout.
  3. Jim S

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I turned 70 in March and tried the Trusoft,and was surprised of the performance it provided.No it is not a Pro V1 or ProV1X,but is a really good ball.Any thing with the Titleist brand is of good quality.
  4. Chuck Z

    Absolutely. It has the name Titleist on it.
  5. Amanda S

    I've been playing the trusoft ball and I love it, but now that im been playing regularly, im gonna give the Pro V1 a try. First time I'll be playing it. Excited.
  6. Jack H

    Titleist goes through so much to make sure everything they bring to market is of the best quality. The TruSoft is still very much a quality ball. Hope this helps.

    - J
  7. Dave N

    I game the Trusoft If I am off my game and it seems to bring me back to where I need to be. Maybe I should just use it all the time, we'll see.
  8. WCollins

    I've been using Trusoft since they came out. I initially bought them because I wanted a good quality ball that I don't mind (too much) letting the fish play with. Very consistant from one to the next. I noticed a definite improvement in my game. I was contemplating switching to Vs or Xs, but I'm having a hard time giving up my Trusofts

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