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2017 ProV1 vs ProVx

Greyson P


I have been playing the ProV1x for the past several years but with the new 2017 Prov line of golf balls I have been trying to play the ProV1. The things I didn't like about the old ProVx's were that I would put too much spin on the ball with my Driver and Irons. Will I lose distance with playing the 2017 ProV1 instead of the ProV1x? I know the ProV1 is less compression so wondering if that mattered? I have a swing speed of 105-110 mph. The only thing I don't like about the new ProV1 is the soft feel. Just wondering if one ball is truly longer than the other or if the balls go the same distance?

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  1. Mike H

    I saw somewhere Titleist saying with this year models all balls are within a yard of each other. I have played not balls side by side the v1 and the v1x and have not noticed any diferrence except strike based but similar swings will get the Same distance with a touch different flight and feel.
    I was similar to you in always using the x but I have been focused on putting and chip shots this year and have gravitated towards the prov1 due to that soft feel on those shots and I have ended up liking it in the full shots as well.
  2. Don O

    There is still the best way to know by comparing them from green to tee. Adam Scott use the V and Jordan uses the X. So club head speed is not the sole determinant. Adam is faster than Jordan. I'm not like you at all, but for me the V gains distance over the X due to roll-out. Along with the feel around the green, I made the switch. The spin characteristics are so different now that you can't compare either to 2-3 generations ago.
  3. Chuck Z

    I always carry a little cheat sheet as I call it, that a friend, Bob Andrews gave me, who is our local Titleist sales rep. It is a wallet size card with a bunch of good info on regarding the two balls.

    Feel: V - softer X - soft - V is softer
    Flight: V - mid X - high - X flies higher
    Long game spin: V - low X - low - equal
    Iron spin: V - less X - more - iron spin is more with the X ball
    Short game spin: V - high X - higher - higher spin rate with the X ball

    It also states that the V - longer distance and more consistent flight as the X - more consistent flight.

    Maybe this comparison might help answer you question. The X ball appears to spin more and is not as long, even though the V is a softer ball.

    I share this when these questions come up at the course, and they do rather often.
  4. Joe D

    I have played the prior prov1 and loved it.Always loved the soft feel when putting and chipping .
    But I just bought a dozen provx,balls.
    Went out last weekend to play a round,the X played great,definitely noticed a higher ball flight but distance was great,putting and chipping were fine,the X did not seem clicky at all.
    Finished my round with the same ball,still in good shape.
    I guess the best way is a ball fitting to see which ball fits you the best,especially with a trackman to give you total shot comparisons.
    Plan on picking up some Prov1,balls and doing some shot comprarison.on course.
    Hope I can find a ball fitting in my area soon.
  5. BSpanding

    Personally, I would prefer a mix of the two. The flight from the Pro V1x and the soft feel and sound from the V1. I used to use the Pro V1, but has this year switched to the V1x since I figured the flight was most important since they behave the same at and are puns the green.

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