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Help deciding a ball!!

Devon M

I have been playing a lot more lately, and am trying to get competitive. I have been stuck between the 2017 Prov1 and Prov1X for a month or two! I really like the feel of the V when I'm around the green, but other than that, I really don't know what ball to go with. Any suggestions?

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  1. Barry B

    Which gives you the best overall performance...driving, approach shots, short game and putting? If there is no clear cut winner with head-to-head comparison, then go with what you like and trust the most. Your golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot, so confidence needs to be absolute.
  2. JAYW3

    Devon, I recommend you see a Titleist Fitter for a Ball Fitting.
  3. Benjamin D

    Hey Devon,

    Like you, I really like both balls. For me it comes down to performance around the greens. Short game is where you score. From what you wrote above I would go with the V.

    You can also look and see if there is a Titleist fitting center around you that offers ball fittings...
  4. Joe A

    I agree with Benjamin. I have been playing the Pro V1x for years and recently switched to the V due to better spin control around the greens and inside 115 yards with my wedges. I found the 1x to be to spinny and would spin a lot of shots off the green or past the hole to far making scoring difficult. I also prefer the spin and launch of the V with my Woods and high irons.

  5. Fin Z

    Hi Devon,

    Glenn Mahler, Fitter at Titleist Performance Institute, says:
    1) fit the ball to the irons
    2) fit the driver to the ball
    So maybe try this:

    1) Around the greens:
    as stated above, note what just makes you feel that little more comfortable. It can be hard to be "logical" about this - instead, you can try to imagine a tough situation, an important situation: which ball would you feel more confident with in that situation? Go with your gut!

    2) Into the green:
    take a sleeve of each ball and work your way away from the green. Again, what just "feels" better to you?

    I think confidence and feel will make a much bigger difference than trying to crunch numbers etc to find "the" ball. At the end of the day, we are not robots, our spin / launch / ... numbers will vary with every swing / strike. So go with your gut!
  6. Devon M

    Thanks for the helpful input guys! I went out and played 18 with some friends and I used both of the balls on a few different holes. I did notice that the X kept getting a little too high with my tee shots, and I do really like the feeling of the V when I'm putting and chipping close to the green. So I think after I use the rest of my X's, ill stick to the V!

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