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Looking forward to our Team Balls!


Just got the proof for our HS golf team Titleist golf balls. While we are not a powerhouse golf school (80% of students below the poverty line, 100% free breakfast/lunch), our student-athletes always know 2 things - they know that Titleist makes the best golf balls, and they get really excited August 1st, when they start getting their new sleeves of Titleist balls for the season. We love playing them!

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Thanks for sharing, ScottyC50! Good luck to you and the team. Hope you and the Red Raiders have a great season.

  2. ScottyC50

    That pic was not upside down when I loaded
  3. Steve S

    Good luck this year ScottyC50. The course where I am the super, host 2 different high school teams as they're home course. Nothing I love more than to see kids playing this great game. And yes, Titleist is number 1.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  4. Joshua B

    That's awesome, glad to see you spreading love to the will teach them life lessons that will last forever. Way to go out of the way for them with custom Titleist, invest in them and they will invest in you. Very commendable!
  5. DaveSong

    Not always about winning and losing, going low (although nothing wrong with it). My wife been an ESL teacher for an economic changed area in Fairfax county for 15+ years and stories like these make all the difference to these young adults. Congrats and have a great season!
  6. Barry B

    Pretty cool that your team gets Titleists to play! Best of luck with your upcoming season...PLAY WELL Red Raiders!!
  7. Speedy

    Nicely done coach and best of luck to your team this year!!!
  8. ScottyC50

    I agree. We struggle to complete with some of the affluent members of our conference, but our students carry on a life-long love of golf, and what it means to be a student-athlete. We also know the difference between Titleist and other "inferior" golf balls. Our #1 typically shoots 43-45 for 9, so we work on life skills and other things related to being successful in life. We appreciate your support.
  9. BMcAleese

    Nice post! LOVE Titleist definately #1. I've got an important club match Irish Junior Foursomes on Monday and just got my dozen pro v1's for the competition can't wait to play and im going to win! #teamtitleist
  10. John O

    I love it. I remember getting Titleist team balls in high school with a simple LHS printed on the side. I was so proud to play those balls.

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