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Quick Poll: Why is the NXT Tour/NXT Tour S the golf ball for you?

Rick V., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hi, everyone.

We're back with another Quick Poll and this time we're looking for your feedback on the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S golf balls. We want to learn what performance characteristics and preferences stand out to you, so we're asking the following poll question:

Cast your vote and please share any additional feedback and success stories in the Comments section below.



59 Replies

  1. Robert C

    I haven't played it this year, but last year quite a bit. It was one of the longer balls I used all year off the tee. But I just couldn't stray from the overall performance of the ProV1
  2. 19hole

    The Tour is my wife's preferred ball. I find them a good, solid ball but I will say that the only time I hit them is when we play alternate shot. She just doesn't like the ProV1x.
  3. Joseph C

    Prov1 in yellow please
  4. Adam B

    I would love the NXT Tour in Yellow. I use the NXT Tour S sometimes because of the color but I prefer the NXT tour when I compare the 2 balls.
  5. wayne s

    NXT Tours offer an affordable option to the ProVs. Little, if any, loss in distance or playability. Big savings in the wallet.
  6. Doug E

    Though I have played both the NXT Tour and Tour S, I play Pro V1 as my everyday ball. However, during the colder months, off season, I have played both NXT Tours and like them both. I most appreciate the yellow color of the S in fall when there are lots of leaves around and in winter's low light conditions, but frankly, I think the regular NXT Tour is a bit longer off the tee. (May even be as long as a Pro V.) Around the greens the Tour and Tour S seem very similar. I don't buy new boxes of either ball, but whenever I find one of the most recent models in nearly new condition, I will save it for when cooler conditions takeover. I have a few dozen of them in a bin in my garage right now, along with a bunch of DT TrueSofts, which I also like in winter, in yellow, as well.

    Honestly, the NXT Tour is probably my favorite (outside of a Pro V). I might even buy a dozen new if they came in yellow. I know the S does, but I like the Tour better. Of course, as has been implied many times on here by many other TT members, a yellow Pro V option would be my ideal choice. I wouldn't buy all my Pro Vs in yellow, but certainly a few boxes a year for play in conditions where the yellow will better stand out. (Ever play in the fog? Yellow balls are great in fog!)
  7. Rogelio Villarreal

    The soft impact and the yellow color option is great. But I prefer a more spin control for my short game. The picture is from my 5th hole-in-one slam dunk I made in January. I used a NXT TOUR S.
    Post Image
  8. kevin g

    The NXT Tour is just a great ball . If the Pro V is Willie Mays than the NXT Tour is Frank Robinson , a hall of famer in it's own right just not the best ever !
  9. Gary D

    Like the cost and durability of NXT tour and tour S and yellow color of NXT tour S. Would prefer Prov1 in yellow but not available.
  10. SAnderson

    I used to be a devout NXT Tour user until I won a competition and got 2 dozen proV1's. For me it was the perfect ball for cost/performance balance with soft feel and low spin.
    I still go back to the NXT Tour in the winter
  11. Bill P

    Love my NXT Tour
  12. Dwayne N

    primary ball has become prov-x but I do like the feel and color option of the nxt tourS in the fall and winter
  13. SBelauskas

    I like the nxt tour for all those reasons; driver distance, feel around the greens and every where else. I have been alternating between pro v1 and nxt tour balls and I actually like the nxt balls a little better. To me they are very similar and the nxt is a whiter ball. This sounds like a crazy reason but it is true for me.
  14. Brian F

    NXT-S, love the soft feel, control and lower spin rate and it's a bit more affordable compared.
  15. John D

    NXT Tour S is a great ball and at a much more comfortable price. My favorite ball is the ProV1 and ProV1X but price makes them a difficult choice given all the other alternatives on the market, i.e. cally and TM. The NXT Tour S has great playing characteristics such as distance, feel and consistent performance on the greens; a very good ball.
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