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Pro V1X 2017

Ken M

Have now tried the new Pro V1X 2017 balls. My feelings are that I hit them 5 to 10 yards longer and more consistent ball flight. I had these sent to me to try by Titleist late last fall. Being in Ontario Canada I waited until weather was warmer ( June 29017 ) before trying. Would use these on warmer days but use NXT Tour on colder days.

Keep up the good work Titleist.

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  1. Joe D

    I have been playing the new x recently myself,was using prior year prov1 balls,so I have not compared the new x to the v yet.
    But I am totally impressed with the X.
  2. Mark V

    What year are the pro V's? 2017 release but are actual 2016 made? Help.
  3. Ken M

    I was sent Pro V1X 2017 by Titleist to try out and report. So its 2017 one's I tried.

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