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2016 ProV1x vs 2017 ProV1x

Curt K

I am leaving for a week of golf on Kohler Wisconsin a week from tomorrow and I am trying to see if it is worth saving a couple dollars on buying the 2016 ProV1x instead of the 2017's. Any recommendations will be helpful. Curt

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  1. Don O

    Normally I'd say the 2017 instead of the 2015 version. If you're used to the 2015 version and you're leaving "soon", you might want to keep with the 2015 for consistency. Even if the 2017 is 5 yards further, you don't need to find out when the back of the green is a cliff to the lake. I'm able to plan ahead and sometime usually around early March I can get the current version on the Loyalty promotion at 4 dozen for the price of 3. That's still less than the going retail price for the prior generation.
  2. Todd J

    Curt, I'm wondering that kind of question myself. I love the prior generation Pro V1x. But everyone is telling me that the ball that matches that better in 2017 is the new Pro V1. I haven't had a chance to test them yet, so I'm wondering if that is really true or not. I went away from the prior generation Pro V1's because of the lack of distance and too much spin on full wedge shots. But now Titleist shows the new Pro V1x spins more than the Pro V1. I'm confused to say the least at this point. I guess I'll find out for sure when I have the chance to test the 2 balls side by side. Sorry, that's probably no help to you right now.
  3. Curt K

    Thank you, I went and bought the 2017 and I noticed a difference in distance as well as soon with wedges. I LOVE this version more than I do prior generation. I would recommend it for sure. I went and bought 3 dozen last night after starting with 1. Should last awhile
  4. Curt K

    I went and bought a dozen of the new 2017s and I LOVE them even more than the prior generation. To me I notice a difference in distance as well as the spun with wedges. I also believe I can "feel" the ball much better off the putter face as well as irons. Just ANOTHER great product from Titleist
  5. Don O

    I'm one of those that switched to the new V from the old X. But I had a chance to evaluate before making a loyalty purchase of the new V. To go to a destination or resort without doing an evaluation would be a reason to continue the old.
  6. Rob_Roth1

    Same here after working with both numbers and reviewing numbers I am now a Pro V1 player as well.

    I love the more penetrating flight on my wedges.
  7. Matt B

    I am a Pro V1 convert! I purchased a dozen 2017 Pro V1 (I played 2015 Pro V1x) and my brother bought a dozen 2017 Pro V1x (he was a 2015 Pro V1 player) on the recommendation of our local golf pro. We ended up trading 6 balls so we could each try both and I found that the 2017 Pro V1 matched the "feel" of the 2015 V1x more so than the 2015 V1. I have to say, after two dozen rounds, I love this generation! I'm roughly 5 yards longer with wedges and slightly longer with my irons but the real difference is the feel of the ball off the putter face. I prefer the feel of this generation off my iron face as well but it's less dramatic than the putter. Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with the 2017 balls

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