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NXT Tour S vs DT Trusoft


Hi, I'll come to the source to hopefully get an answer to this question... and I need one!

I've tried to get this answer from many forums without success so here goes...

I think the NXT Tour S is the most overpriced ball on the market, however I really like the feel of it. Soft but not mushy. I get good distance and the control of my chips are consistent. Great I think... I've found a ball that feels good in all areas of my game.

And then the DT Trusoft comes out. I'm thinking this must be an inferior ball to the NXT Tour S as it's £13 per dozen cheaper. Nope this ball is more capable, to me and my playing partners, than the NXT Tour S. It simply spins more around the green. It actually spins back.

I really despise marketing talk. We're not fools. So what is the deals with the NXT Tour S vs DT Trusoft? Why is the cheaper ball better than the considerably more expensive ball? Wheres the logic in that?

Please can someone provide me with the breakdown of exactly the differences between the NXT Tour S and the DT Trusoft golf balls (size core, compression, dimples depth, cover material, etc..)? This is bugging me.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Dwayne N

    Everyone has different preferences they need or desire from their golf ball. What works for me may really stink for you. I think all Titleist balls are of excellent quality and they do a great job of offering a broad selection to appeal to mass majority of the public. I actually use two different titleist balls from winter to summer I feel one works better in the colder climate while I prefer the other as it warms. I am glad that you have found a ball that performs well for you and lucky you its less expensive
  2. Don O

    Besides being a companion to the NXT-Tour, the -S version is a higher compression than the DT TruSoft. All 3 are Surlyn covers. With the 2017 Pro-V line, the NXT-Tour-S no longer is the most similar ball to the Pro-V1 in performance. So we'll have to wait until the PGA show in January will be on how the lines are adjusted in the 2018 Surlyn ball release. Not everybody likes the same ball or finds the same value. You should be glad the DT suits you best and is less expensive. There are indeed some that prefer the Tour-S. Viva la difference!
  3. j

    Thanks for your responses.

    I actually still prefer the NXT Tour S from the golf balls on the market. I'm just miffed that the DT Trusoft seems to be a more capable ball than the NXT Tour S. At £13 more per dozen I expect the NXT Tours S to zip-back more than the DT Trusoft.
    I just don't understand how Titleist can charge more for a lesser product.
    Surely, Titleist must have realised during testing that DT Trusoft outperforms the NXT Tour S.

    Is there a Titleist R&D guy on here to explain this?


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