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The stupid things you do for your ProV1.

Jesy N

It's only a ball right?! Dumbest thing I have done yet to date on a golf course just to save a ball. Jesy

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  1. No'l's when a time comes to pick up a new pair of FootJoys :-)
  2. Speedy

    That's dedication...
  3. Lance P

    Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

    Often when I make the extra effort finding my ball I'll be rewarded with the lost balls of others...a few more for the shag bag.
  4. Dwayne N

    been there done that lol
  5. Doug E

    Early in April, I lost a brand new personalized and custom-numbered 2017 Titleist Pro V1 on my 2nd shot with it, which was my approach over water on the 10th hole at my club. It hit the hill on the side of the green and rolled back into the pond. When I got to where it rolled in, I could see it, but could not reach it. It was about 6 feet out. So, I finished out the round while keeping my fingers crossed that no one else would find it in the meantime. After the round, I drove home and got my old ball retriever, drove back to the course, walked out to the pond on the 10th, and luckily, the Pro V was still sitting in the same spot. I pulled it out, wiped it off, gave it a kiss and stuffed it in my pocket.

    While there, I could see a bunch of other balls within an easy reach of my extended retriever, so I pulled out another 15 or 20. Most were other brands, but there were also a few of last year's Pro V model and surprisingly, two of the brand new 2017 model, just like the one I hit in there earlier, only without my customized message. Since these balls were just released by Titleist, I knew they had not been sitting in that pond for very long. I cleaned those two up and proudly put my mark on them and threw them in my bag. What a score! It was worth the drive home to get my retriever.
  6. Carl T

    The majority of my Pro V1's come from the water. I like the price of experienced balls.

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