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Need to find a good ball.

Christopher S

I'm a mid to high handicap when my swing is on I average 260-270 when it's not (which is ado lot) I miss it all over the place. I don't curve it much either way on good day the tour premium balls jut get too expensive when I get the old 2 way miss working. So what would y'all (yes I'm from Alabama) suggest and keep in mind I'm not a ball snob but I do like Pro V1x or equivalent when I play well.

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  1. Barry B

    A slightly less expensive alternative is the NXT Tour. Characteristics are similar to the ProV1x, but it does tend to rollout a little more on the greens. Another alternative is the DT TruSoft. Fairly long and good on and around the greens and the plus is that it's less than half the cost of the ProV1x. I always tell everyone to get of sleeve of each and see which suits your game the best.
  2. Deno


    Titleist has a great selection of balls other than ProV models at great prices. I'm sure you'll find a Titleist ball that fits your game.
  3. richard f

    Have a look on eBay , you can get some really good quality prov and x for not bad prices , I use the x and that's where I buy mine from
  4. Joe D

    The Titleist DT.Tru. soft is a great ball at lower price.
    Give them a try you won't be disappointed
  5. Rob_Roth1

    Check this out:

    But i would take a couple of different balls and do the following:

    Hit the putter - which one do you like the feel off?
    Hit 50-80 wedge shots - what type of flight do you like?
    Hit 7 irons - flight and distance (use measuring device or trackman if possible)
    Hit Driver - flight and distance (use measuring device or trackman if possible)
  6. JFreeman


    I use a mixture of Prov1x and trusoft, usually depending on if I'm just having a midweek game or a weekend competition, if your a high handicapper like myself I doubt you'll find significant differences between the balls the Prov's are obviously the better ball but around the greens and off the tee the trusoft is a very good substitute and they are about half the price.

  7. Gary D

    I love the ProV ball but not the price. I switched to the NXT Tour as an alternative but at significantly lower cost. Suggest you find a ball that works for you from 100 yards and in. That's where most of your shots are going to come from and where the ball performance will matter the most.
  8. Don O

    Velocity may not side spin as much as the urethanes or the NXT Tour, to use for damage control on 2 way misses. The best solution may be to work with a pro to at least get the 2 way miss back to a 1 way miss and aim accordingly. I can still duck hook, but the slice is gone. Still have issues scoring, but the lessons have been repaid by improving the ball losses.
  9. Gabriel G

    I love the feel of a DT soft golf ball. Does not check up as much like the ProV1x but hey, more than half the price!
  10. Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

    Hi Christopher,

    Have you attended a Titleist golf ball fitting? We have a dedicated team of golf ball fitters who travel across the nation to help golfers like you find the best ball for your game. Otherwise, you can also head to your local Titleist golf shop where they can help fit you! Here are some links to head you in the right direction.

    Titleist golf ball fitting events:
    Titleist golf shop locator:

    Let us know if we can further assist in your search!

    All the best,
    Team Titleist Staff
  11. Deno

    Well all I can say is, we need some of these Titleist accounts in NJ to have some ball fitting events available. I envy players in other states that have a local Titleist fitter nearby.

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