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Steve B

I am a senior golfer at Smithfields CC here in Easley SC. I used to play different golf balls each round, just whatever I picked up, no rhyme or reason, Titleist and something else, then something else, then Titleist, and on and on. And I played pretty well. I finally settled down and started playing Pro V1x (and every now and then Pro V 1) and my handicap index has dropped from around 7.8 to 5.1. Today I shot a 71 with the best ball made, ProV1x. Thank you Titleist!!

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  1. Deno

    Nice round there Steve. I think you singled out the best ball for your game!!
  2. Joe D

    Steve it pays to play Titleist !

  3. No'l

    Yes sir... You've narrowed it down to the best for you!

    Nice round by the way.
  4. Joey L

    I have a good friend and golfing buddy that did the same thing, played other brands all the time. We played in a tournament this past weekend and I gave him a dozen Pro V1's to try. He not only loved them but placed third in his flight. Another one converted!

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