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Geezer Titleist user

Steve W

50 years ago, UNC team would be given a couple of golf balls before each match. We never knew what brand we would get. If it wasn't a Titleist, I just could not use it. I once was given a Maxfli and tried it but it did not look right. It was the ball that straightened itself out in flight?..what a disaster. Had to see the Titleist logo looking back at me or zero confidence!

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  1. Don O

    All I knew about Titleist in the last century was an uncle with a Titleist hat in the back of his Buick and a "I'd rather be a Titleist" license tag cover. I wish I had taken time to play golf with him (part of that problem wasn't I didn't play golf) to have been able to spend the time with him and learn about the game "while I was young". One of life's regrets is that I didn't spend more time with him and tried to pick up the game at 59 and spent 3 years discovering a better game after stocking up on Mfli's when I started.

  2. Joe D

    Steve feel the same way,once I tried a Titleist ball there was no going back,my playing partner use to change brands of golf balls like his underwear.
    He tell me to try this new ball and after I would play a hole with this ball I would give it back to him and tell him I will just play my Titleist ball.
    I guess call it luck found a ball that I like and trust and have confidence in.
    Basically if it says Titleist l will play it.
    After taking 15 years off from playing golf,I knew what ball I would play.
    Thankfully Titleist was still around, made getting back in to the game easier, while the ball has changed and you have way more options ,one thing that has not is the performance and quality you get from Titleist.
  3. Tom B

    Semi-Geezer golf here and in high school in the mid 70's we got no bags, no shirts, no hats, no nothing EXCEPT, a sleeve of Titleist (balata back then) before each match for the 6 players. Our coaches weren't golfers at all, BUT, even back then they knew what the best was. Into college in the later 70's, although Div. 1, very low on the Div. 1 totum pole. Again, no bags, no hats, no shirts, BUT...a dozen Titleist before the big matches. Had a lot of fun, but our team wasn't a threat to anyone.
  4. Jason C

    I completely agree about the confidence! I play the NXT Tour S and I know that every time I hit the ball that ball is going to perform the way it is supposed to. When I was younger I hit other brands, and never had the same confidence. When I find other balls on the course now I either give them away or put them in the bucket of balls we chip around the yard.
  5. John B

    Same here - played HS golf in 1979-80 and we were so excited to receive DTs with the red Titleist Script (anyone remember those?)

    Now I coach HS golf and am looking forward to my next delivery which should be here soon - 30 dozen Pro Vs for my HS golf team that I coach. I love the excitement of the boys when I start handing out those shiny boxes and they see "SPARTANS" in green ink on every ball!

    38 years later and Titleist still brings joy and excitement - that truly says something!

  6. Tom P

    I played Acushnet Club Specials in the late 60's - early 70's. They were $1.00 per sleeve. Then I got a job in the pro shop and was able to afford Titleist Balatas 90 compression. They were $3.75 per sleeve, $15.00 per dozen ! I have played every Titleist golf ball made since 1970. Over the years, I have tried other brands as they advertise various attributes. However, I only played each of those for 2 - 5 rounds. I always return to Titleist. I have played the ProV1 since it first came out. And I plan to play it forever (that's a long time).

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