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Late to the Game TEST update

Heith H

Yes, I am late to the game on my TEST sleeve update but thought I would share anyway. Regular gamer Taylor Made Lethal. This has been a really good ball for me. Consistent through the wind and solid distance wise. I believe this ball was the only ball that un-seated the ProV1 from the bag originally. Have tested many different versions of all golf balls and have not found anything to un-seat the Lethal - till now.

I did not ask what ProV1 version was sent to me - I just set out to try it. I did have to spend most of the winter with a cast on my right wrist for tendon issues - so the testing came late. That is, it took a few months to get up to game speeds and endurance. After 2 months of full side by side testing, front nine back nine exclusives, and full round test - I've and soundly say I am back with Titleist.

The test sleeve stayed with me for a couple weeks and first I have to say the durability of the new version is top of the class. Wedge grooves are more aggressive than ever and these balls showed no sign of marking. Distance is right on par with the rest of the pack. All top end balls long. I think the new version ProV1 shows its worth in the wind tests. This is one of the most stable in flight balls I hit!! The last few rounds have been in 20-25 mph winds and this ball - when struck solid - is a laser. Spin is easy to control from any condition.

This last part is a very unique and personal in its application. I think this might be one of the best sounding golf balls I've hit in some time. Many golf balls have 2 of 4 characteristics, 1 of 4, or even 3 of 4 characteristics. Very rarely do you get all 4 in a playable package. The new ProV1 might be one of the best so far. With the putter, I really enjoy the way ball feels and "sounds like it feels" to me. Not clicky but still crisp - soft but not mushy - very hard to describe sound and feel. Just a great new version of a tried and true product.

I have since purchased some 2017 ProV1 for continued service.....Thank you to Titleist for the opportunity and for producing a great product.

HH +0.7 Midwest

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