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Marking Your Titleist Ball

Brandon E

I'm just curious how others mark their golf ball, I put a pink, purple, and green dot to signify my daughters favorite color, my wife's favorite color and my favorite color, my color is pink. Just a little bored on a rainy Sunday.

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  1. Keith M

    I'm probably in the minority here, but I don't mark at all.
  2. Tyler H

    Just a dot left of the number and a line through the Pro V1. Color is determined on the tee based on the colors others are using. I have Red, Orange, Green, Blue and Black Titleist Mini Shapries in the bag for marking.

  3. MarkConner61

    Just a black line half way around for me.
  4. Titleist Fan 179

    I put my fathers initials under the pro V1 stamp. He passed away 17 years ago and was an avid golfer as well as a great man!
  5. Sam K

    Nice mark and good significance behind it! I do not mark mine at all. I like the look of a clean un-marked ball. When I have had to in the past for match/ tournament play, I would play number 3's and put a 0 in front and 11 behind to make the number 0311. This was my MOS designator in the Marines. Have a great week!
  6. Joshua B

    I always draw a red or blue lobster on my New England moniker. No one has yet said,"no that's my ball there with the lobster on it"
  7. Andrew K

    I keep mine simple. Two black dots, one on each side of the number.
  8. Ronald H

    No mark on my ProV1x. The guys I play with all use a different brand of ball or use the ProV1
  9. Chuck Z

    Mine are either personalized or high numbers. I will still mark them with three black dots in a triangle by the number on my Prov1s.
  10. Gary L

    I use a red line and 3 dots around the ball markings on the ball can create a problem in competitions because positive identification cannot be proven by the player.a lot of players just use a line,but I add the 3 dots for sure identification. Years back I recall Phil Mickelson and another player being penalized 2 strokes for playing the wrong ball in a tournament
  11. Rob_Roth1

    I have balls from myprov1 with my kids initials VRGR and then I put a red dot above the T

    Not sure why more habit than anything
  12. CKoetter

    Blue line through the ProV1x, red dot at the bottom of the number on the side where the bottom of the number is in the small dimple, and green dot at the bottom of the number on the side where the bottom of the number is in the larger dimple.

    Blue line is because I like blue, red dot is to remind me to play the smart shot, green dot is to remind me to get after it when the situation is right.
  13. No'l

    Mine are all the same number, 73. They also have a logo of my golf school. Then I put 3 dots ant the end of the script.
  14. Peter H

    #13 & Green dot
  15. RAnzalone

    Blue dot underneath the Titleist logo on both sides.
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